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Yamazaki (Ryuji Yamazaki).
Here is a list of quotes for Ryuji Yamazaki.

In BattleEdit

Japanese English Translation
Kono zako ga!You scum!
Mono tari nee na.Not nearly good enough.
Chi! Kudarane.Tch! Pathetic.
Hyaku nen hayain da yo!You're a hundred years too early!
Sen nen hayain da yo!You're a thousand years too early!
Ikuzo, ikuzo. Ikuzo!Here I go, here I go. Here I go!
Kakatte koi yo.Come and get me.
Itain daro ga yo!Hey, that hurts!
Nigen na yo!Don't run!
Namen da yo!Don't mess with me!
Kuso ga!Damn you!
Ippen shinde koi!Just die already!
Kaesu ze!Bring it back!
Keshitobi na!Explode!
Kutabaru na!Eat this!
Sharakuse, kono amachua ga!Quiet down, you amateur!

Fatal Fury 3Edit

"ACCIDENT!" QuotesEdit

  • "What's with all this fussin' about? Are you the king of fighters, or just a girlie? Okay, Goldilocks! Get in my way and you're part of the bottom of the bay!" (Vs. Andy/Joe/Terry)
  • "Hey, she's been following me around for too long. I wonder if she's a cop, or....That's it! She's the agent from the organization! The Chinese conglomerate!" (Vs. Blue Mary)
  • "So you're the famous Capoeira rookie tough guy. Go home, and don't come my way again. Okay, Goldilocks! Get in my way and you're part of the bottom of the bay!" (Vs. Bob)
  • "So some woman is lookin' for me, you say? Well, pass on this big knuckle sandwich. Okay,I'll give you a chance. If you win, I'll return you son. If you lose,well..." (Vs. Franco)
  • "Heh, heh. So you're back. I thought there were too many "accidents" here recently." (Vs. Geese)
  • "Long time, no see, Hon! You're a bit far from home, huh? Let me give you some advice: Keep your nose out of this mess or regret it." (Vs. Hon Fu)
  • "A beautiful babe like you shouldn't be in a place like this. Too many thugs. Heh, heh. It's a good thing that I'm not a thug. Heh, heh. Hah, hah, haaaaaaah!" (Vs. Mai)
  • "I hear you're looking for the secret scrolls. Give up before you end up with concrete boots! If you're going to continue, you had better change your clothes fast. Major sore thumb, pal!" (Vs. Sokaku)

Pre-Battle QuotesEdit

  • "Andy Bogard. It's about time we met. This clown is going to show you his bag of tricks!" (Vs. Andy)
  • "I don't know who hired you, but quit now while you can." (Vs. Blue Mary)
  • "Some kids just don't know How to take good advice." (Vs. Bob)
  • "Kya, kya...What an idiot. This time, I ain't gonna be so kind..." (Vs. Franco)
  • "You don't plan to regenerate, do you? I thought old soldiers just fade away." (Vs. Geese)
  • "You don't know when to give up, do you. Take a hike, Hon!" (Vs. Hon Fu)
  • "Joe Higashi. It's about time we met. This clown is going to show you his bag of tricks!" (Vs. Joe)
  • "Too bad such a beautiful babe like you has chosen such a line of work as this." (Vs. Mai)
  • "You should have listened to me earlier. Don't say I didn't warn you." (Vs. Sokaku)
  • "Terry Bogard. It's about time we met. This clown is going to show you his bag of tricks!" (Vs. Terry)

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Oh, come on. Play with me some more, puh-leeeese!" (Vs. Andy/Blue Mary/Franco)
  • "Aw, gee, you almost won. And I am almost became the King of Siam!" (Vs. Bob/Chonshu/Geese/Terry)
  • "Wow, what a bore you are." (Vs. Himself/Hon-Fu/Joe/Mai/Sokaku)

Real Bout Fatal FuryEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Take a hike. I don't have time for scum like you!" (Vs. Andy/Bob/Duck/Hon Fu/Sokaku)
  • "What a loser. Don't show your face again!" (Vs. Billy/Chonrei/Terry)
  • "Being this strong is a natural buzz. Kids, don't do drugs!" (Vs. Chonshu/Franco/Joe)
  • "Heh, heh, heh. Your time is over, grandpa." (Vs. Geese)
  • "Get lost, or I'll kill you!" (Vs. Himself)
  • "I hate guys who don't bathe! Now I'll clean your clock!" (Vs. Kim)
  • "Done so soon, sweetie? It was just getting fun!" (Vs. Mai/Blue Mary)

Pre-Final Battle DialogueEdit

Yamazaki: "Hah, hah, hah. Here at last! Meet your doom, Geese!"
Geese: "Oooh, you rat!"

Real Bout Fatal Fury SpecialEdit


  • Yamazaki: "Now no one can stop me in good ol' Hong Kong!"
  • Cheng: "Guess again, melonhead!"
  • Yamazaki: "Looking to be busted up again?"
  • Cheng: "No way. How 'bout working with me?"
  • Yamazaki: "With you? You're alligator meat, fool!"
  • Cheng: "Yeah. I knew it was a long shot!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Aww! I want to fight some more!"
  • "That fine face is gonna be a mess!" (Vs. Andy)
  • "You can just kiss Geese's toes!" (Vs. Billy)
  • "You're sweet enough to eat!" (Vs. Cheng)
  • "My use for you is done. So long". (Vs. Chonrei/Chonshu)
  • "You're fat and dumb as ever!" (Vs. Franco)
  • "Wow, you're really a weakling!" (Vs. Geese)
  • "It's fun belting myself! Yah, ha!" (Vs. Himself)
  • "I'll snuff you like a stray puppy!" (Vs. Hon-Fu)
  • "Your head looks like an ape, too!" (Vs. Joe)
  • "Come on, stop this evil, wimp!" (Vs. Kim)
  • "You're inhuman! I'm outta here!" (Vs. Krauser)
  • "I'll show you how to use blades!" (Vs. Laurence)
  • "Give it up. Yah, hah, hah!" (Vs. Mai/Blue Mary)
  • "Yes, you're one strong opponent!" (Vs. Terry)
  • "I hope you have a grave to go to." (Vs. Tung)

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "I'm in a good mood. You can keep your spleen!"
  • "You won't see tomorrow. Gyah hah hah haaaah!"

The King of Fighters '98Edit

Win QuoteEdit

  • "Annoying, annoying, annoying. You're just so bleeding annoying!"

The King of Fighters 2002Edit

  • "You look like a splattered pomegranate, pinhead!"
  • "I'll skin you and feed you to the sharks!"
  • "I'm gonna gut you like a fish and CENSORED"
  • "Even if I fillet you, it won't do diddly for me!" (Vs.Iori)
  • "Enough "KOF" crud! I'm gonna tenderize you!" (Vs.Yashiro)

The King of Fighters 2003Edit

  • "You need to snivel more. Now, give me a big kowtow!"
  • "Gyah, ha, ha! Just look! Quaking with shame! Gya! Ha!"
  • "Feel it with your soul! That's the ultimate pain!"
  • "That's all you got, eh? Give me a little resistance!"
  • "That cudgel of yours is really annoying!" (Vs.Billy)
  • "What? You can't forgive villains like me? Gyah, ha!" (Vs.Kim)
  • "You? Has your new look turned you into a sissy?!" (Vs.Terry)
  • "Who's going to feel the sting now, toots? Gyah ha!" (Vs.Whip)

Capcom vs. SNK Pro: Millennium Fight 2000Edit


  • "This tournament wasn't hardcore for me!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Heck! Did I frighten you too much or what!?"
  • "You don't understand how stupid you are!"
  • "You'd better apologize to me for being so weak! Or else!!"
  • "Wait! You can't quit yet!! I still have more for you!"
  • "What makes you believe I will forgive you?"
  • "Look at my shoes! Lick them! I said lick my shoes clean!!"
  • "Was I fighting unfairly? I don't care about that."
  • "Ha ha ha! You look better now than you did before!"

Capcom vs. SNK 2Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Heck! Did I frighten you too much, or what!?"
  • "Look at my shoes! They got dirty! Lick them! I said lick my shoes clean!!"
  • "Ha ha ha! You look better now than you did before!"
  • "You won't understand how stupid you are until I beat it into you!"
  • "You had better apologize to me for being so weak! Or else!!"
  • "What!? What makes you believe I will forgive you if you apologize?"

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