Sō Mayumi (真弓 創, Mayumi Sō, born sometime in 1978) is a freelance game scenario writer, author, and bartender. His bloodtype is A+. His works tend to gravitate towards the romance or mystery genre. His personal website is No Fan and his personal blog can be found here.

SNK WorksEdit

  • Days of Memories - all titles; scenario writer + scenario director
  • Nidome no Kiss - scenario writer
  • Koi no Iroha ~Sakura Saku Haru~ - scenario writer
  • Koi no Iroha ~Himawari Kagayaku Natsu~ - scenario writer
  • Koi no Iroha ~Momiji Iro Tsuku Aki~ - scenario writer
  • Koi no Iroha ~Sazanka Chiru Fuyu ~ - scenario writer

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