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SNK Game Music
SNK Game Music
GameVictory Road, Athena, Iron Tank, Ikari Warriors, Alpha Mission
ReleasedFebruary 25, 1987

SNK Game Music is the first music album ever released by SNK to accompany their games. The album is a collection of music from several of SNK's early games.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Dogou Souken (Victory Road) (8:00)
    1. A Storm of Cheers (Area 1)
    2. Strange to Say (Different Dimension)
    3. Cruel Killers (Area 2)
    4. Run to the Field (Area 3)
    5. Invasion (Gate Keeper)
    6. Count Down (Area 4, 5)
    7. Game Over
    8. Chase is Over (Naming)
  2. Atena (Athena) (9:02)
    1. Departures
    2. World of Forest
    3. Hamadrius Ghodem Neputune's Theme
    4. World of the Cave
    5. World of the Sea
    6. World of the Sky
    7. World of the Ice
    8. World of the Hell
    9. Gryupus Kimairah Mado's Theme
    10. World of Labyrinth
    11. Titurn's Theme
    12. Dante's Theme
    13. Athena's Journey is Over
    14. Naming (See You Again)
  3. TANK (Iron Tank) (2:08)
    1. Title Demo
    2. T.A.N.K's Theme
    3. Break Through the Last Base
    4. Naming
  4. Ikari (Ikari Warriors) (6:49)
    1. Emergency Landing
    2. Ikari's Theme
    3. Gate
    4. Ikari's Theme (Refrain)
    5. Victory ~ Game Over
    6. Glory
  5. ASO (Alpha Mission) (11:01)
    1. Start
    2. SYD's Theme
    3. SYD Over Drive
    4. Hekaterian
    5. SYD's Theme (Refrain)
    6. SYD's Over Drive (Refrain)
    7. Hanomas Zi
    8. PonPonella
    9. GigaBit
    10. JojoZeze
    11. SYD's Theme
    12. Lonely Peace
    13. Sunset (Naming)

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