Metal Slug
SV-001. Art by Shinkiro.
Full Name Super Vehicle Type-001 (SV-001)
Mass 2,850kg
Height 2,163mm
Width 2,266mm
Length 2,575mm
Speed 36 kph
Communications Digital all-bearings antenna
Power plant Hobten T-659G air-cooled Superconductivity Diesel Turbine Generator
Power output 12.00EP
Weaponry Three-barreled 12.6mm Vulcan; 127mm rifled main gun (Low-velocity HE shells standard)
Optional weapons High-velocity rounds for the 127mm gun
Defensive measures Smoke bomb launcher

SV-001, nicknamed Metal Slug is a prominent vehicle in the Metal Slug series.


Designed for tactical purposes in 2026, this tank mainly serves as the backbone of the Regular Army's armored units. It is very light, allowing it to be air-dropped by either a plane or a helicopter. It has hydraulics that enables it to jump over obstacles if necessary, and the threads are specifically designed for maximum traction. The vehicle prototypes and designs were stolen many times by the oppositions of the Regular Army, despite their best efforts to keep it in secret.

Its armor is modular, consisting of depleted uranium, ceramic and reinforced plastic. (Possibly referring to Kevlar.)

The major flaw with these models are that the Vulcans attached onto the back of the chassis are supported by weak frames, which frequently leads to Vulcan pods falling out of place or being destroyed with ease by enemy fire. The mine-plow located in front of the chassis are also susceptible to malfunctioning, and has been reported to be unreliable and often fail to deploy. Also, unlike smoothbore guns, the rifled barrel of the gun does not permit it to fire cannon rounds at high velocity, unless special ammunition is issued, resulting in poor armor-piercing capability, although the sheer size of the shell helps to equalize the disadvantage somewhat.

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