Metal Slug mk2
Unused Metal Slug MK.2 from Metal Slug 1
SV-002 Conceptart
Full Name Metal Slug mk2
Mass  ??
Height  ??
Width {{{Width}}}
Length  ??
Speed  ??
Communications  ??
Power plant  ??
Power output  ??
Weaponry Light Machinegun, Misslelaunchers
Optional weapons Main 127 cannon
Defensive measures Smoke Launchers (unconfirmed)

It was the second generation Metal Slug Vehicle, which was also planned, but never finished for Metal Slug 001. The Gold colored Version in Metal Slug X has almost nothing with common.


Altrough it shares the same appearance of the older Version, the SV-001, the MK2 has a different main weapon, a gunpod with a simultaneous linked machinegun and a missile launcher.

Game AppearancesEdit


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