Slug Flyer
The Slug Flyer. Art by Shinkiro.
Full Name Super Vehicle Type F-07V ("Slug Flyer")
Mass 10,750kg
Height 387cm
Width {{{Width}}}
Length 330cm
Speed 216km
Power plant
Power output
Weaponry 10mm Vulcan; AIM-9A Sidewinder Air-to-Air missile
Optional weapons 500lb dumb bomb
Defensive measures Smoke launcher

SVF-07V , a.k.a. Slug Flyer is a vehicle in the Metal Slug series.


The Slug Flyer can hover on the ground just like the real-world counterpart, the Harrier family of jets. Its main advantage is that it has superior manueverability over any other Super Vehicles, but the fact that its Vulcan has limited firing arc makes it vulnerable to enemies approaching from the rear. The Sidewinder missile, while powerful, is used with limited success due to the amount of time to accelerate once detached from the wing pylons. Nevertheless, the Slug Flyer can prove its mettle with the right pilot.

Game AppearancesEdit


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