Slug Gunner
Full Name Super Vehicle Walker Type 001 "Slug Gunner"
Mass  ??
Height 2 meters (1 meter in tank mode)
Width {{{Width}}}
Length  ??
Speed 14kph (36kph in tank mode)
Communications  ??
Power plant  ??
Power output  ??
Weaponry 60mm MTS-S/A gattling gun; 180mm multiple cannon; Pile bunker
Optional weapons  ??
Defensive measures  ??

The SVW-001 is a vehicle in the Metal Slug series.


The Regular Army engineers were fascinated by the Rebel Armor's ability to adapt to almost any terrain with its jump jet. The flaw they found in the Rebel's mobile armor was that it was too slow, and had relatively weak armaments. With those in mind, Regular Army engineers designed a new revolutionary vehicle for their troops. The "Slug Gunner" is a both mech and a tank. It carries a powerful 180mm mortar, which is enormous in size when compared to the 127mm shell from the Slug Tank. The 60mm chaingun is also gigantic compared to the standard Vulcan guns mounted on other vehicles, but only one gun is used at a time while other vehicles use two. It also has jump jets to jump over higher obstacles. Also whenever an enemy is too close for comfort, it can use its pile bunker to punch a hole through them with ease.

Game AppearancesEdit


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