The Slugnoid. Art by Shinkiro.
Full Name Super Vehicle eXtra Type 15D ("Slugnoid")
Mass 1,580kg
Height 198cm
Width {{{Width}}}
Power plant
Power output
Weaponry 12.6mm Vulcan; 120mm incendiary cannon
Optional weapons Self-propelled anti-infantry bomb
Defensive measures Smoke launcher

SVX-15D, aka Slugnoid is a vehicle in the Metal Slug series.


The Slugnoid is a slow moving mech designed for difficult terrains and urban combats. Its greatest ability lies on its rocket assisted boosters, which allows it to jump like the SV-001, but with greater effect.

It is equipped two vulcans just like any other Super Vehicles, but they can be used to fire in different directions at the same time, though the pilots will encounter a hard time trying to align them to hit enemies at long ranges. The incendiary cannon mounted on the front gives it an excellent ability to saturate an area with fire to burn enemy troops.

Another munition is frequently used for its cannon. The self-propelled bombs look and act exactly like the big brother of the Iron Lizard. They keep running until it either tips over or hits an enemy, causing it to explode.

Its main weakness is that it can only walk around sideways and is not very fast, making it a sitting duck for faster or unpredictable projectiles. Another main weakness is that every time when the vehicle is hit, it will lose one of its vulcans, until none is left.

Game AppearancesEdit


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