Samurai profile
Full name?
BirthdateUnknown; 35 years old when the game takes place
BirthplaceUnknown; resides in Tengen Castle
Height171 cm (5'8)
Weight59 kg (129.5 lbs.)
Family/RelativesYamada, Watanabe, Honda, Matsushita and Sato (co-workers)
Job/OccupationGuard for the Shogunate; Ritenkyo Division
LikesWorking way up the Samurai hierarchy and earning raises (familial piety)
DislikesTaking posts in far lands away from his family, pay cuts
WeaponSamurai Halberd
Fighting styleHalberd Techniques of the Guardians

The Samurai (お侍, Osamurai) is a character in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage. The particular samurai that the player plays is known as Ichiro Suzuki (鈴木 一郎, Suzuki Ichirō)

They are voiced by Hiroki Asai.


The Samurai are generic characters that work for the shogunate in Ritenkyo. Unluckily caught in the chaos, they long to be with their families again.

Suzuki sets out to investigate the Razor Trio's activities. Eventually successful in his mission, his colleagues find him and relay that they are all to return home during the game's ending. Happy and relieved, they go and celebrate the announcement. After game's events, Suzuki returns to Edo and describes the events of the Ritenkyo revolt in a record he names "Tale of Swordsmen" (剣客異聞録, kenkaku ibunroku).


A calm warrior who loves his family, but cannot ignore his duty. He longs for the time to come where he can go home and be reunited with his family.


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Fighting StyleEdit

The samurai fight with a halberd. Their fighting style is basically a simplified version of Jin-Emon's.

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  • Watanabe does not appear in the ending. Suzuki wonders if he and Yamada will go for a drink during his win quotes.