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Samurai Shodown IV Arranged Soundtrack (サムライスピリッツ天草降臨 -Arrange Sound Trax-, Samurai Supirittsu Amakusa Kōrin -Arrange Sound Trax-) is a music album containing various arranged themes from the game of the same name ranging from rock, ethnic, and orchestral variations. It was released December 16, 1996 by Pony Canyon and Scitron Label. As a bonus for fans, a few short drama tracks were included on the CD focusing on select fan-favorite characters.


Rainy RidgeEdit

An old man calls Shizumaru over on the road and warns him not go over the mountain pass until the morning. Shizumaru assures him that he will be fine, but the man objects saying there were rumors of a terrifying demon that would appear at night. Hearing this, Shizumaru says he must continue as that demon is part of the reason for his journey and bids the man farewell.

A sudden downpour leaves Shizumaru to take refuge under a tree for the night. As he settles down, a kitten comes up to him. Seeing it is drenched by the rain, he coaxes it over and feeds it. He asks it where its parents are and wonders if it's alone like him. The kitten appears to want to stay with him, but he argues that it is too dangerous. When the kitten protests, he agrees it can follow him as far as the mountain pass. He then admits he is happy that it wants to stay with him as he doesn't like being alone either in the rain. It is then when lightning strikes the tree they're under.

Shizumaru escapes unharmed when he hears a voice call out to him. He demands for the voice to show itself when it claims to be the demon he is seeking. Zankuro mocks him for the scars he carries and Shizumaru blames him for his amnesia demanding he return his memories. Zankuro tells him that would be impossible as he enjoys Shizumaru's suffering and he should accept what he has lost in order to gain the answers he seeks. He then tells him Shizumaru that his hate and bitterness are the keys to his hopeless past. Shizumaru tells Zankuro to shut up and tries to hit him, but is instead knocked out by Zankuro's own attack.

The next morning Shizumaru wakes up wondering what happened to the demon last night. He then wonders if everything that happened was just the usual dreams he always has. He asks the kitten about it when its family appears. He tells the kitten he will be alright and is a little saddened by its departure. He then gets up and comments that the day will be a little warm.


Rimururu tells the listeners that she is about to tell an old story of when her father died and Nakoruru started her journey. It flashbacks to Nakoruru looking for Rimururu so the latter can work on her priestess training. When Nakoruru finds her, Rimururu begs her sister to let her off for the day and promises to study hard tomorrow. Nakoruru waves off her pleas as she points out that was the same excuse she gave the day before. She understands that Rimururu wants to play, but wishes she would take her duties seriously so as not to worry her. Rimururu tells her that it's alright with Nakoruru alone and that their father would be home soon. Nakoruru reluctantly agrees when they suddenly hear Mamahaha's call, a sign of their father's return and Shikuru's howl. Nakoruru asks the wolf what had happened and they are told that their father is dead.

When they return to Kamui Kotan, Rimururu cries for her father. Her grandfather, Sanouku, tells her she shouldn't shed tears as their father died protecting nature. Nakoruru then appears saying the purification ceremony was complete and that she would go to the river to cleanse her father's sword. She tells him that somewhere in the world there is still evil to be fought and that she would battle it in her father's place. Starting tomorrow, she states she will head out on a journey with Mamahaha. Nakoruru turns to leave when Rimururu asks her why she's so calm and not sad when their father is dead. When Nakoruru responds that her duty as a priestess is not to mourn, Rimururu runs away saying she hates her.

Walking alone with Shikuru, Rimururu tells him she doesn't want to go home. She doesn't want to become a priestess if it means becoming heartless. She then notes that it was the first time she had ever gotten into an argument with Nakoruru. By then they reach the river and see Nakoruru there. Rimururu says she'll never forgive her when Shikuru tells her to listen. Nakoruru talks to herself about how her father's dedication inspired her to train hard to be a priestess and how his sword and Mamahaha were left behind to carry on his will. She can hear nature's cries for help and knows that she must go. Nakoruru then breaks down saying that as a seventeen year old, she is nearly not strong enough and it is too heavy a burden for her to lose her father so soon. She wonders if it is too unforgivable to cry for her father and why he had to die. Rimururu leaves as Nakoruru cries in earnest.

The next day, Rimururu tells Shikuru that she will train hard so one day she will be strong enough to support her sister. She then calls out to the spirits of ice asking them for their power.

The Man Who Has FangsEdit

The drama starts off with Genjuro reciting his personal motto, and then moves to Haohmaru drinking in at a local inn. A woman, introducing herself as Hoto, tells him she will be his entertainment for the night. However, he interrupts her saying he only came to eat and sleep and not for her company. Amused, she remarks while he may look like a samurai, he is completely different from "that" man. When Haohmaru asks her to elaborate who, she shows him the two crossing scars on her chest. She explains the first sword wound came from her mother and the other had come from Genjuro. Surprised that Haohmaru knows of Genjuro, Hoto insists that she must tell him her story.

The flashback begins with Genjuro waking up to Hoto greeting him. He tells her to bring him some sake, but she protests concerned for his health. Derisive, he tells her to shut up and obey. As she leaves he tells her to not misunderstand their relationship. Genjuro leaves the inn soon afterward. His scar, she mentions, was from his mother. When she received her second scar from him, she wondered if she was a fool.

Later, Genjuro walks alone in the night reciting his motto when he tells his pursuers come out. He wonders if he's being underestimated when he sees only twenty men appear. He calls their leader a fool before inciting the men to attack him. When he easily overcomes them, the lone survivor relays that their boss has captured Hoto. If Genjuro valued her life, he should abandon his sword. Genjuro laughs, saying the woman meant nothing to him. He kills the bandit before heading off to their hideout.

At their hideout the leader is in disbelief that one man could kill so many. An underling begs him to take the woman and run. As the boss rejects the idea Genjuro breaks into the room. The leader threatens to kill Hoto should Genjuro come closer, but is shocked when Genjuro dares him to do it. When the leader hesitates, Genjuro cuts her down instead. Appalled, the leader asks Genjuro if he is insane to which the latter responds he is above caring for a woman and kills the man.

In the present, Haohmaru can't believe that Genjuro could do such a thing to Hoto. She then asks him if he will someday have a fight to the death with Genjuro. When he responds that might be a possibility, she asks him to bring her Genjuro's head. Though he tells her it would not be for some time, she replies it doesn't matter as she is willing to wait forever.


Kazuki and Sogetsu fight, but the younger brother is easily overcome. Sogetsu asks his brother why he does not fight back. Kazuki replies that he does not want to fight and pleads with his brother to let him find their missing sister. Sogetsu tells him that the clan's rules are absolute and that a ninja should have no heart before cutting down his brother.

Kazuki wakes up sometime later and is given a drink of water by a young girl. Glad to see him awake, she tells him that he was found in the mountains and slept for three days. He thanks her but then confuses her for his little sister asking if she was cured. Feeling relieved that he could now die in peace, the girl corrects him saying that she is not Hazuki, but a peasant girl named Yayoi. He apologizes for the mistake, and Yayoi notes that Hazuki must be someone important to him. Kazuki agrees and passes out while telling his sister to wait for him.

Sogetsu then comes in the room asking how his brother was faring. She tells him he is still weak, but should live. He remarks he's surprised that she would take Kazuki in given to how cold she usually is. Yayoi retorts that this only shows her true feelings and that he was taking the situation with his brother too far. Sogetsu cuts her off saying that by taking care of his brother she is betraying the clan. She asks him how he could say such things, and he repeats to her what he told Kazuki about the clan's rulings. He tells her he will overlook her crime just this once and then leaves thanking her.

Kazuki wakes up again to say he will come to save Hazuki soon and prays that she's still alive.


Track Japanese Title Translation
1 天草降臨(タイトル) Amakusa's Advent (Title)
2 雨峠 ~緋雨閑丸~ (ショートドラマ一) Rainy Ridge ~Shizumaru Hisame~ (Short Drama 1)
3 川 -改- (橘右京) River -Modified- (Ukyo Tachibana)
4 鮪の化身 (ガルフォード) Tuna Incarnation (Galford)
5 自然の宴 -其の弐- (ナコルル) Banquet of Nature -Part II- (Nakoruru)
6 月の光 ~ナコルル・リムルル~ (ショートドラマ二) Moonlight ~Nakoruru & Rimururu~ (Short Drama 2)
7 心の鏡 -其の弐- (リムルル) Heart's Mirror -Part II- (Rimururu)
8 修羅道 (覇王丸) Path of War (Haohmaru)
9 牙を持つ者 ~牙神幻十郎・覇王丸~ (ショートドラマ三) The Man who has Fangs ~Genjuro Kibagami & Haohmaru~ (Short Drama 3)
10 鬼唄 -改- (牙神幻十郎) Ogre Song -Modified- (Genjuro Kibagami)
11 続々舶来女 (シャルロット) Successive Foreign Woman (Charlotte)
12 焔 (風間火月) Blaze (Kazuki Kazama)
13 絆 ~風間火月・風間蒼月~ (ショートドラマ四) Bonds ~Kazuki & Sogetsu Kazama~ (Short Drama 4)
14 水の化身 (風間蒼月) Water Incarnation (Sogetsu Kazama)
15 動なる静 (天草四郎時貞) Active Silence (Shiro Tokisada Amakusa)
16 静なる動 (壬無月斬紅郎) Silent Activity (Zankuro Minazuki)
17 勧進元 (スタッフロール) Promoter (Staff Roll)



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