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Second Southtown
Second Southtown map
Second Southtown in Garou: Mark Of The Wolves
Full nameSecondus Southtown (Second Southtown or Second South)
CountryUnited States Of America
CityIs a fictional city based on Miami

Southtown Secondus or Second Southtown (called by its inhabitants as Second South; セカンドサウス) is a fictional city in the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters universe. It is the setting for Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

Second South is vaguely said to either be the Southtown's sister city. A gang infested and unsafe city, Kain R. Heinlein was born and raised in the worst and poorest section of the slums. Due to his rough childhood and rise to power, Kain eventually becomes the ruler of the city. Eventually believing that the residents are "dead" in their indulgence with peace and luxury, he wants to invoke chaos into the streets and have the residents fight for their lives once more.


The following places are numbered according to their locations on the map below, except for Dark Palace, which is not marked.

  1. Barbaroi Falls - Beautiful waterfalls, main boundary between Second Southtown and Southtown. (Gato's arena)
  2. Sarah Forest - A forest in the outskirts of the town. Khushnood Butt trains here and Hokutomaru was living here during the tournament. (Khushnood Butt's arena)
  3. S.S.P. Maneuver Field - This place located in the outskirts of the city is where the Second Southtown's S.W.A.T learns how to pilot helicopters and airplanes. (Kevin Rian's arena)
  4. Philanthropy Belfry - A belfry that was built with money received from charity. The belfry tower can be seen from the Second South Station, where the Freight Express occasionally stops. (Hotaru Futaba's arena)
  5. Slam "Free Field" - The poorest and most dangerous neighborhood of the city. (Freeman's arena)
  6. Yok Chong Market - A Korean market. (Kim Jae Hoon's arena)
  7. Oriental Casino "Woo" - A casino run by an oriental board of directors. (Kim Dong Hwan's arena)
  8. 5th avenue and 2nd street - Hokutomaru caused an accident here, which led to a huge traffic pileup. (Hokutomaru's arena)
  9. Universal Arena - A pro wrestling arena. (Tizoc's arena)
  10. Live House "Old Line" - Rock Howard's favorite place. This is a live house that welcomes hard rock musicians. (Rock Howard's arena)
  11. Blue Wave Harbour - One of the city's harbours. (B. Jenet's arena)
  12. Freight Express - The city's rail system. (Terry Bogard's arena)
  • Dark Palace - Kain R. Heinlein's palace located in the outskirts of the city. In its basement, there is a temple where Grant lives and fights his enemies. (Grant / Kain Heinlein's arena)


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