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Seikenshi Densetsu: Samurai Spirits (聖剣士伝説サムライスピリッツ) is a 150 page single-volume manga created by Tatsuya Shinkyoji (真行寺 たつや, Shinkyoji Tatsuya). It was published by Dengeki Media Works on January 25, 1996. The manga heavily borrows plot elements from the anime and the Dengeki drama CD series for Samurai Shodown. While a third of the story follows these two mediums closely, the rest of the story branches off and focuses on adapting these ideas into the second game's setting.


Haohmaru, Nakoruru, Wan-fu, Galford, Tam Tam, and Charlotte. Together, these six fighters form the Holy Warriors: preordained soldiers who keep the seal over the dark god Ambrosia from being broken. They were defeated by the evil Amakusa but their souls reincarnate a century later. At this time, Ambrosia begins to quake the globe and his arrival is of eminent concern. Each one remembers their mission and effectively join together once more to honor their pledge. All except Haohmaru, who prefers to spend his days perfecting his art of swordplay.

Although he still saves innocents from being pillaged by Amakusa's army, the rouge refuses to help and leaves the four warriors on their own. They wonder why Nakoruru is late to their gathering and the reader is shown that she is hurrying to meet them. She is spotted by Genan and he quickly disarms her. Before he can finish her off, Ukyo slays him in one blow and allows the maiden to rejoin her comrades. She begs him to join their cause to defeat Amakusa but he only leaves her in silence. By chance, he meets Haohmaru later that night. His rival challenges him to a duel but Ukyo declines and politely asks the Holy Warrior to stay true to his duty. The rivals part without unsheathing their swords.

Regretfully, the Holy Warriors decide to attack Amakusa's castle without Haohmaru's help. Lead by Charlotte, they successfully fend off the vilains' army. They struggle at the castle gates until Jubei, Hanzo, and Kyoshiro fly to their aid with their peasant army. Their arrival opens a path for the five warriors and they charge through the castle's halls. Unfortunately, they also fall victim to Amakusa's vine trap and are slowly tortured by their antagonist. The untimely entrance of Haohmaru saves them and he fends Amakusa off. Channeling the spirit power of the remaining Holy Warriors into his sword, he defeats Amakusa and stabs Ambrosia's seal, ending their tyranny and restoring peace to the land. Emerging from the collapsed castle, they celebrate and part with good tidings.

The second arc begins with Nakoruru leaving her home due to an ominous premonition. Rimururu begs her to reconsider but she leaves and waves her sister goodbye. While on the road, she spots a fallen figure starved from hunger. His spirit revives itself upon seeing her and the Holy Warrior Galford joins her on her quest. While he refreshes himself with food, he relates that he also felt a troubling presence afoot and also quietly admits that he longed to see her again. His ramblings are quieted when a wanted poster brushes by his leg and, after seeing the criminal, the ninja dashes off to deal justice with Nakoruru in tow. The reader also sees government officials asking Haohmaru to dispatch the same person, who is Genjuro.

Ukyo runs across him, challenges the murderer to a duel, and ends up badly wounded. Cham Cham sees Ukyo the following day and shelters him from the heavy rainstorm. Meanwhile, Nakoruru and Galford bump into Genjuro as they are crossing a bridge. The priestess recognizes his face from the poster and questions his intentions. He responds by wounding Galford and attempts the same with Nakoruru. Once Haohmaru appears to challenge him, Genjuro cuts a part of the bridge in half, sending the younger pair into the raging river below. The rivals fight and Genjuro, seeming to be aided by an evil power, quickly gains the upper hand. While raising his sword overhead for a decisive blow, lightening strikes Genjuro's blade and Haohmaru uses this chance to hit him in the stomach with the blunt handle of his sword. Before losing consciousness, Genjuro warns his rival about the entity Mizuki, who will wreck desolation with her insistent revival of Ambrosia. Haohmaru leaves him on the bridge.

As if on cue, the forests wither overnight, disease spreads and thickens over the populace, crops rot in an instant, and demons roam the countryside. In a mere ten days, people have turned against one another, mad with starvation and depression. Galford and Nakoruru reluctantly defeat villagers out of self-defense. He urges her to take one of his food pills -worried about her lack of appetite and visual strain- but she states that she is fine. They find Haohmaru in the chaos and urge him to join them. His stubbornness to remain independent wans when he thinks of the grief Shizu may be going through so he eventually agrees.

Cham Cham, who tried to nurse Ukyo to health, is shocked to see him gone. She searches for him and food but only finds a demon. Too frightened to properly fight, she is saved by Nicotine. He travels with Shizu to ease the suffering of others and to find Haohmaru. Near the entrance of the demon world, Ukyo pushes onward to obtain the ultimate flower. However, stricken by tuberculosis and succumbing to his wounds, he collapses. In his final moments, he sees Kei in a field of flowers and embraces her, deeming her to be what he was looking for all along.

The three Holy Warriors finally arrive at their destination and face Mizuki. She easily repels the ninja and sends the priestess falling off a cliff. Her life is saved by Charlotte, who rode on her horse to meet them there. They regroup and commence their attack but are overwhelmed by Mizuki's strength. Nakoruru makes a desperate charge to her but she stabs the priestess using Galford's discarded sword. Nearing her end, she calls upon Kamui to save the land and disappears in a majestic light. Together with her sacrifice and Amakusa's assistance through Haohmaru's sword, they cleanse Mizuki of Ambrosia's influence. She falls defeated and life is breathed into the land again.

The people, seeing green trees and their crops returned, weep in sadness and gratitude at their fortune. Mamahaha returns to Kamui Kotan with Nakoruru's blade, informing her family that she had done her duty. Nicotine and his party meet with Haohmaru. Upon seeing his surprise at Shizu's presence, Charlotte relents her feelings and bids her comrade adieu and flings her cut hair to the wind. Nakoruru's spirit bids her friends to be happy since she is always with them in the trees and sky. Galford, running along a grass field, sheds fresh tears for his lost love.


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