Seisoku Kusumoto (楠本 征則, Kusumoto Seisoku) is a game creator and developer who was hired by SNK during the prime of their flagship titles. He is credited for the total design of their products, which includes the ideas and designs for manuals, labels, ads, posters, packaging, and any additional illustrations needed to fully polish a product. He is the one who devised the Neo-Geo's image (as well as its controllers and plug-ins) and continued to do the same for most of the popular titles adopted for the system. He is close friends with Nao Q and many other former SNK staff. After the company dissolved, he became a game creator with the game studio Engines, which is where Toyohisa Tanabe currently works.

He states the the cover for Samurai Shodown II was envisioned to be like a classic record jacket.

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