English title card for the first game.

Sengoku is a series of beat 'em ups by SNK for the Neo-Geo. The original name of this game is Sengoku Denshou (戦国伝承) which means "Civil War Tradition" in Japanese.


Although each of the games in the series do not seem to follow a connected plot, the games all involve the undead forces of feudal Japanese warriors attacking the protagonists.

In the first two games, the player could play as a ninja or a western cowboy. In the games, the player can gain powerups so that the player can change into a more powerful samurai-like being to attack the opposing forces of the undead.

The third game did not have a similar premise to the previous two games; instead, it was about a ninja clan who had to stop a worldwide outbreak of the Japanese demons before the world would be engulfed in chaos.


A compilation of these titles was released in December 2008. It was published by Nexgem.


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