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The King of Fighters 2000Edit

Win QuoteEdit

  • "For victory, bring wine and chinchilla. It's all I desire."

Lose QuoteEdit

  • "Don't celebrate yet. I'm hard to shake!"

The King of Fighters 2001Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Call my style self-defense, but, oh, It's so much more."
  • "Sorry. An agent just doesn't roll over and lose!"
  • "You gotta know your foe. And bugs are a big help."
  • "Oh, I'm so happy. A chance to mix fists!.." (vs. Benimaru)
  • "Did you learn anything? If you got info, tell me now." (Vs. Hero Team)
  • "With all you guys here.. Something's amiss, I fear." (Vs. Ikari Team)
  • "We both have ability. But I won this time!" (Vs. Vanessa)

The King of Fighters 2002Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "You're pretty good. How about you and me.."
  • "Don't take it personally.. This is just part of my job."
  • "What was that? Is that all you got?"
  • "Were you pampering me? You used to be much tougher." (Vs. Benimaru)
  • "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." (Vs. Kula)
  • "You got some moves, kid. I got a little worried there." (Vs. Vanessa)
  • "Guess you only tough when your boss is with you." (Vs. Ikari Warriors Team)

The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited MatchEdit

The King of Fighters NeowaveEdit

The King of Fighters Maximum ImpactEdit

The King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2Edit