Gowcaizer Sheng Long copy
Full nameGouichirou Kaiza (凱座 轟一郎, Kaiza Gōichirō)
BirthdateJanuary 16, 1968; 48 years old
BirthplaceFlag of Japan.svg Hida Mountain, Gifu Province
Height180 cm (5' 11")
Weight74 kg (163 lbs)
Blood typeA
Job/OccupationNone (he walks the path of a demon)
LikesThe euphoria and superiority he feels after killing people, victory, "My own fist!"
DislikesKilling people of no value, defeat

Battle Master Sheng-Long (バトルマスター神龍, Batoru Masutā Shenron; Pinyin: Shénlóng) is a character from Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer. He is voiced by Yūsaku Yara and his official nickname is The Man Called Battle Master. He is themed largely after morally ambiguous and ambivalently gray toned crime and martial arts manga protagonists.


Gouichirou was born in a monk's hut during a night snowstorm. Since birth, he has been hailed as a divine being of the fist and became one of the shining examples of the Enryuji sect of monks. These monks are a celebrated group who perfect their way to enlightenment by teaching the way of the fist.

When Gouichirou was 15, he wrote on the temple gate saying that he was a supreme being, which got him expelled from the temple. He retreated to the mountains to continue his training. When he was 26, he spotted a man in shabby monk robes and took him to be one of similar craft. The man introduced himself as Ohga and asked to train with Gouichirou. As the former didn't sense anything wrong with his visitor, Gouichirou agreed and resumed his meditations. They lived together in the mountains for two years. One day, Gouichirou noticed that Ohga was acting oddly as he was able to punch a hole through a thousand year old tree and scorched the area behind it, something that Ohga had never done before. Ohga had obtained the true demon's fist of his clan while the genius Gouichirou had not.

Feeling utterly defeated and speechless, Gouichirou envied the power that Ohga had obtained and swore to do anything to gain the same strength. Swearing to become a demon of vengeance, Gouichirou discarded his old life and lived the next twenty years as an evil murderer named Sheng-Long. He hears that Ohga is at Bernard High and wishes to settle the score. In his ending, the power within Ohga incinerates its host's body and Sheng-Long beckons it to use him as its new shell. It's unclear if he successfully harnesses the massive amount of power.


Sheng-Long is an uncaring and apathetic individual who is purely driven by his vengeance. He is still humiliated by the defeat he felt from Ohga and can't forgive the man.


  • Pyrokinesis - Sheng-Long can create a body double made of flames and can hurl fireballs at his foes.


  • Kenka Enbu (Fight Dance) - Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

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