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This is a compilation of move lists for Shermie.

The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited MatchEdit

Standing A
Performs a quick horizontal slap directly in front of her. This move has poor range, speed, and recovery when compared to other light punches in the game.
  • Still a viable option to interrupt.
  • Can be chained into standing B to add a bit more damage.
  • Can be chained into from a crouching A to further add damage.
  • Hits mid.
Standing B
Performs two thrusting kicks aimed at the opponent's stomach. A great move that you will be using to pressure and to start a majority of your combos.
  • It's two slow hits make it very easy to hit confirm
  • Can be chained into any unique move, special move, or DM. But only Shermie whip, Shermie spiral, and her DM's will hit
  • Can be chained into Shermie stand on block to keep yourself safe 
  • If you chain into Shermie spiral or Shermie flash,after both hits connect, they will always successfully connect. Even if they are out of range!
  • Both hits hit mid
Standing C
Steps forward and pushes the opponent with both hands Not very useful due to the slow start-up coupled with the lack of a good hit box. You will miss the old karate chop she used to do.
  • Not that bad on block
  • Hits mid 
Standing close C
Juts her hands outwards. If you're not using standing B to combo you are likely using this. It's fast start-up and good hit box make it very useful.
  • Can be chained into Shermie stand 
  • Can hit behind Shermie 
  • Can be chained into the same moves as standing B 
  • A good poke due to its push back on block and its speed
  • Hits mid
Standing D
A round house kick aimed towards the head. An interesting move with an interesting hit box.
  • Hits twice if you hit from close by
  • Doesn't chain into anything 
  • Can stop jump ins 
  • Good poke 
  • Hits mid
Crouching A
A crouching version of standing A with lower hit box.
  • Chains into standing A to add more damage to bread and butter combos 
  • Hits mid
Crouching B
Shermie lays down low and kicks at the opponent's shins. A great move that lets her combo from below and add some unpredictability.
  • Can be chained into the same attacks as standing B 
  • Shermie lays down very low to the point where she can dodge jump ins and punish 
  • Whiff cancelable 
  • Hits low
Crouching C
Shermie does a volley ball serve upwards. This moves amazing hit box makes Shermie very difficult to approch.
  • Can be chained into the same attacks as standing B 
  • Hits mid
  • Shermie takes a small step backwards 
  • A valid anti air 
  • Can be whiff canceled 
  • Great priority 
Crouching D
Shermie spins on the ground and delivers a kick after the spin. Comes out too slow to be dangerous in this game, opponents can easily recognize the spin and block.
  • hits low
  • causes knockdown 
Standing CD
Shermie takes a small step forward a does a powerful high kick blasting the opponent away. A good move that protects Shermie from all types of approaches
  • Whiff cancelable 
  • leaves the opponent in a non-jugglable state on normal hit 
  • Hits mid
  • Opponent is left in a full juggle state on counter hit


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