Orochi Shermie

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Here is a list of quotes for Shermie and Orochi Shermie.

In BattleEdit

Japanese English
Hajimete dakara yasashiku shite ne! It's my first time here, so go easy on me!
Itakushicha iya yo. I won't like it if it hurts.
Jirashicha iyayo. I hope you don't tease me.
Orite kinasai!(*) Come down here!(*)
Hito ga miteruto, moeru wa ne...(**) I get myself going, when others are watching...(**)
Shitsure. Excuse me.
Tsukamaeta! I caught you!
Nagge panashi! Throw away!
Suki nan deshou, kou yo ni? You like this, don't you?
Kite mite! Captured! Come on here! Captured!
Kimata? Was that perfect?
Nigechatta dame yo! You can't escape from me!
Watashi kara no puresento! A present from me!
Omake! An extra!
Daiyamondo Dasuto! Diamond Dust!
Inazuma! Thunder!
Shibire nasai!(*) Be paralyzed!(*)
Koko yo!(*) Over here!(*)
Ii wa ne...ikuwa yo!(*) Very I go!(*)
Ten ni yudane mashou...shin naru sabaki yo!(*) Heaven shall decide...who shall be punished!(*)
Saiko no kibun! The best feeling!
Nante kao? What's with that face?
Sore ga anata no unmei yo...oyasuminasai... And that is you fate...sleep well...
Moshimoshi? Aa, mata ato de ne. Hello? Ah, I'll see you later.
Anata shinu wa...(*) You will die...(*)
Yashiro, kakoii!(***) Yashiro, you're so handsome!(***)
Kurichu, kawaii!(****) Chris, you're so cute!(****)

(*) As Orochi Shermie

(**) Intro vs. Kyo/Iori/K'/Kusanagi

(***) Win vs. Yashiro/Orochi Yashiro as Shermie

(****) Win vs. Chris/Orochi Chris as Shermie

The King of Fighters '98Edit

Special IntroEdit

  • "Hi!" (Shermie/Orochi Shermie vs. Yashiro/Orochi Yashiro and Chris/Orochi Chris)
  • (giggles while blowing a kiss) (Shermie/Orochi Shermie vs. Any handsome men)

Win QuoteEdit

  • "Game over, pal! Don't forget to save. Sweet dreams!"

The King of Fighters 2002Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "All things considered, I'm the critics' choice!" (Win as Shermie; also in The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match)
  • "What ? Sleeping again ? Wake up, sleepy head ! (Win as Shermie, Hold B)
  • "I'm all weak at the knees... What's come over me ? (Win as Shermie, Hold C)
  • "This is where it all begins...and ends." (Shermie vs. Yashiro/Chris)
  • "Knew it! I have the superior power… and figure!" (Shermie vs. Mature/Vice)
  • "What, me lonely? No way! Soon, there'll be no humanity!" (win as Orochi Shermie; also in The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match)
  • "Good? Evil? What are they? They're but social constructs." (Orochi Shermie vs. Kim/May Lee)
  • "We cannot stop the gods! All of you! Die!" (Orochi Shermie vs. Kyo/Iori)
  • "A new evening falls on the world, celebrating the godless night!" (Orochi Shermie vs. Yashiro/Chris)
  • "Feel the lightning of judgement and repent !" (win as Orochi Shermie, Hold B)
  • "Feeling a little dejected ? Guess even scum has feelings." (win as Orochi Shermie, Hold C)

The King of Fighters R-2Edit

SNK Gals' FightersEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "You're good. You should be a model!" (Vs. Nakoruru/Whip/Miss X)
  • "Why do I win? I got class." (Vs. Akari)
  • "I didn't even get started." (Vs. Leona)
  • "I hope you cheer for me next!" (Vs. Athena/Mai)

Pre-fight dialogue

Miss X: You've done well. Beat me to get the talisman.
Shermie: What now, Ya...?
Miss X: Quiet! I'm Ya...Uh! No! You're mistaken. I'm the one....Ah! Hey! What?!
Shermie: Mm. Nice design. The material's cheap, though.
Miss X: Hey! Don't tear it! Yah! Don't touch the merchandise! Ah! Don't pull! You big killjoy!...Are you listening?
Shermie: Yes!
Miss X: Let's just get started!

Post-fight dialogue

Talisman: What is your wish?
Shermie: Wish? What I'll do? My hamster had babies, so...I want a big hamster cage!
Talisman: Your wish's granted!
Yashiro: I was thinking...With that talisman...You could've freed Orochi.
Shermie: Uh oh!

SNK Heroines: Tag Team FrenzyEdit

Win QuotesEdit

Neo Geo Battle ColiseumEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Oh, I'm so sorry. I got a little nuts when people dress badly."
  • "Oh, such excellent tailoring. After my vicious attacks, not even a tear."
  • "Yippee!! I won again! Hope Yashiro and Chris saw me."
  • "Your moves got style, but your fashion sense bites. Ever try a personal stylist?"
  • "Challenge me again...when you are ready..."
  • "I love winning."
  • "Sorry I had to defeat you."
  • "Winning is fun."
  • "Hmm. So that's a sable? I thought it looked too big for a hamster. Ah hah!" (Vs. Hotaru)
  • "Orochi? Never heard of them. Ooh, hoo, hoo, hoo..." (Vs. Iori/Kyo)
  • "I knew you were a fraud. Your beating is payback for your poor imitation!" (Vs. Mizuchi)
  • "Hope you learned your lesson. Dress up like me again, and you're last year's fashion!" (Vs. Herself)

KOF: Sky StageEdit

Pre-Battle DialoguesEdit

Athena Asamiya

Athena: "Are you...? Yes, I can sense it. You're with the Orochi, too!"
Shermie: "And that comes as a shock to you? Really? We of the clan can't just laze around while the Orochi's stirring back to life, can we now?"
Athena: ""We"...? There are more of you?"
Shermie: "Oh sure! I mean, it'd be awful lonesome for a woman on her own in a place like this, don't you think? But as soon as the Orochi is fully awake, we can venture outside the sealed area. It'll be so exciting!"
Athena: "Outside the sealed...? No! I won't allow it! I won't let the Orochi rise again!"
Shermie: "You're cute when you get worked up like that. You should relax... Let me put you to sleep...

Iori Yagami

Iori: "Out of my way, woman!"
Shermie: "Oh my! What's the rush? Can't you even take time out to say hello to an old friend? Or is there someone waiting for you?"
Iori: "What part of "out of my way" didn't you understand?"
Shermie: "Cute. The Orochi's blood is raging in your veins, isn't it? The closer you get to Orochi, the more powerful its will becomes. You do realize that, don't you?"
Iori: "I'll only say this once more. GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!"
Shermie: "If you're in a hurry to die, let me make it easier for you. You can join the Orochi through me!"

SNK Heroines: Tag Team FrenzyEdit

Win QuotesEdit