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Here is a list of quotes for Shiki.

Samurai Shodown! 2Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • That was awesome! (Slash)
  • Whoops! Did you die? (Slash)
  • Over so soon? (Bust)
  • Wow, that was quick! (Bust)

SNK Gals' FightersEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • Had enough?
  • Over so soon?
  • Want to give it another shot?
  • Who's next?
  • You were tuff!

SNK vs Capcom: SVC ChaosEdit

Pre-Fight DialoguesEdit

Versus Capcom CharactersEdit

Shiki vs. Ryu:

Ryu: A murderous intent? No, but....
Shiki: Hesitate and die!
Ryu: Who are you?
Shiki: Shiki.
Ryu: Shiki? Is that it?
Shiki: That's it. ... Now, you die.

Shiki vs. Ken Masters:

Ken: (She's no Eliza, but she's cute.)
Shiki: ... What?
Ken: Nothing in particular... But if you're free, care to spar with me?
Shiki: ... You may not survive.

Shiki vs. Chun-li:

Shiki: ... I have no business with other women. Bye.
Chun-li: Huh? What's that? Hey, you! You just plant it there.
Shiki: ... I will slice those who stand in my way.
Chun-li: ... Hey, watch out! Now you're definitely going nowhere, honey.
Shiki: ... I'll slice you!

Shiki vs. Guile:

Guile: What? Where'd you come from?
Shiki: ... Where? Where am I?
Guile: ... Are you lost? Shall I take you to a safer place!
Shiki: ... Don't touch me!

Shiki vs. Akuma:

Shiki: ....
Akuma: You are in Asura's grip... You intrigue me...!
Shiki: ... I'll slice you!
Akuma: Then have at you, wench! I'll show you the true power of Asura's fists!

Shiki vs. Dhalsim:

Dhalsim: Hmmm... My child. You are possessed.
Shiki: ... I am Shiki... Ooooh....
Dhalsim: Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!
Shiki: Aaaaah!
Dhalsim: Unh... I'm too late. One final option! I will exorcise the possessor with Agni's flames!
Shiki: You confound me... Die...

Shiki vs. Sagat:

Shiki: ...
Sagat: What, a female?
Shiki: I'm looking for... Someone not like you...
Sagat: ...

Shiki vs. M.Bison:

M.Bison: You've enchanted me. You'll be my bodyguard.
Shiki: It is not you... The one I seek is... All others I slice.
M.Bison: Foo, ha, ha! Lovely! I'll force you to be my bodyguard!

Shiki vs. Vega:

Vega: What do we have here?
Shiki: Speak you mind, or let me be on my way.
Vega: Ooh, hoo. I'll fix up that tattoo...... With your blood!
Shiki: ... Yeah, ok. Now die!

Shiki vs. Balrog:

Balrog: Oh, a pretty young lady. Just hold on there.
Shiki: ...
Balrog: I told you to wait, didn't I, honey?
Shiki: ... You are not he... You nuisance... Die!

Shiki vs. Hugo:

Shiki: ....
Poison: What a creepy chick. What can I do for you?
Shiki: I have no need of you.
Poison: What rudeness! The nerve! I'll teach you manners!
Hugo: I'll send you to the krankenhaus, uh, hospital!

Shiki vs. Tessa:

Shiki: ... Yes, Yuga... No, not that!
Tessa: Yuga? Do you speak of Yuga, the destroyer?
Shiki: ....
Tessa: What's wrong? Huh?!
Shiki: Die...
Tessa: Those eyes... Oh whatever. I'll oblige you.

Shiki vs. Dan:

Dan: What? A girlie?
Shiki: No... Definitely not you.
Dan: Who is this chick? I'll slap you silly!

Shiki vs Demitri:

Demitri: Oh, a doll. Amusing. I'll use you as one of my servants.
Shiki: It is not you... I seek another...
Demitri: Hmm hmm hmm. We'll see how long you keep the attitude!

Shiki vs. Zero:

Shiki: ....
Zero: ....

Shiki vs. Violent Ken:

V.Ken: Oooh-Whoaaaa.
Shiki: ... What do you want?
V.Ken: ... I must defeat you... You won't escape.
Shiki: ... If you hinder me... I'll slice you!

Shike vs. Shin-Akuma:

Shiki: ....
Shin-Akuma: ....
Shiki: ....
Shin-Akuma: ... Expire!

Shiki vs. Red Arremer:

Shiki: ... Where am I?
Red Arremer: Gyah-gyah!
Shiki: ....

Versus SNK CharactersEdit

Shiki vs. Kyo:

Kyo: What's with the attitude? A gloomy face doesn't suit a babe like you!
Shiki: ... A kid like you... And a babe like me? It's not in the cards.

Shiki vs. Iori:

Shiki: Your soul craves another, I sense...
Iori: ...
Shiki: You pathetic creature...
Iori: If that's the case, then your soul's mine.

Shiki vs. Terry:

Shiki: I find you lacking...
Terry: Ha! Why don't you see how lacking I am?
Shiki: ... It'll kill you.

Shiki vs. Mai:

Mai: You, wouldn't have a clue where Andy is, huh?
Shiki: ... I only live for one other...

Shiki vs. Ryo:

Shiki: You're not fit to battle such as I.
Ryo: ? Say what, toots?
Shiki: Die.
Ryo: What a rude dame. I'll beat you senseful!

Shiki vs. Mr.Karate:

Shiki: You upset me. Die, banana nose!
Mr.Karate: ... Huh? Who may you be?
Shiki: I said, die!
Me.Karate: ... Are you titched? Ok, have it your way. I'll humor you!

Shiki vs. Kim:

Kim: What's eating at you, young lady?
Shiki: ......
Kim: This too is justice. May I help you?
Shiki: Leave me...

Shiki vs. Choi:

Shiki: Move or die!
Choi: Well, I won't be dying, tootsie!
Shiki: .....

Shiki vs. Kasumi:

Kasumi: Oh, it's you? Have you seen my father?
Shiki: ....
Kasumi: Hm. With that attitude, I bet you know something. It's useless to deny it. Prepare yourself!

Shiki vs. Shiki:

Shiki: ....
Shiki: ....
Shiki: ... You'll never have him. That man is mine...
Shiki: ... I'll slice you!

Shiki vs. Earthquake:

Earthquake: Snort... You're a spunky one! Come to me!
Shiki: ...You... Are dead...

Shiki vs. Genjyuro:

Genjyuro: Silly wench. Why do you pursue him. He's but my prey.
Shiki: That man is all I desire...
Genjyuro: You heed me not. Then die!
Shiki: You're nothing but a nuisance. You die!

Shiki vs Goenitz:

Shiki: ....
Goenitz: Young maiden, you possess a considerable spirit. One which would serve the Orochi well...
Shiki: I pursue one thing... That is one man only...
Goenitz: Ohh, hoo, hoo. A good wind blows... By his grace!

Shiki vs. Geese:

Geese: Whoa. It's you. You look like a doll.
Shiki: ... I'll slice you!
Geese: A puppet can't kill me. You'll realize that!
Shiki: I will...... Slice you...

Shiki vs. Mars People:

Shiki: ....
Mars People: Beep boop bop boop.
Shiki: ....

Shiki vs. Wild Iori:

Wild Iori: Oooooooh-whoa.
Shiki: ... What?
Wild Iori: Oooh... Oooooh!
Shiki: ... It is painful, huh?... I'll end it for you.

Shiki vs. Honki ni Natta Mr.Karate:

Mr. Karate: Hoo hoo hoo. A woman! Show me your stuff!
Shiki: ... I'm busy!
Mr.Karate: Hmph. Afraid, are you? Just like a woman... I was wrong about you.
Shiki: I'm not afraid... I have no emotion...
Mr.Karate: Then I'll provide you with some... Let's go, honey!

Shiki vs. Athena:

Shiki: Where am I...?
Athena: This is heaven. Hear me, you who evil on earth. I cannot let you return in your present state.
Shiki: ...

Win Quotes Edit

  • ... ....
  • What was that?
  • Over... Already?
  • Are you in pain? You are? Relax. It will all end soon...

Neo Geo Battle ColiseumEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "...It's over."
  • "Someone's passed."
  • "That was quick..."
  • "What a slacker."
  • "Y-You're..." (Vs. Asura)
  • "I have found you..." (Vs. Haohmaru)
  • "You continue your quest... But it has no end..." (Vs. Iori)
  • "You can't vex me... I am what I am..." (Vs. Herself)

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