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Shin Samurai Spirits: Haohmaru Jigokuhen (真サムライスピリッツ 覇王丸地獄変) is a 225 paged, Dengeki graphic novel produced by Shirou Ohno. It was published in 1995 for Media Works and is the continuation of his first book, Samurai Spirits: Haohmaru Jigokugyo. The story is set during the first game and ends with the second game's conclusion.


The story begins with Hanzo Hattori checking on his comatose son, Shinzo. Although he knows that his son's body is alive, Hanzo laments his powerlessness in saving his son's soul. While he prays for his son's revival, Shinzo's soul flickers into his body. He tells his father that Amakusa's soul is still alive in the Makai (demon world), begging his father to stop the villain. Moments later, his soul is struck back into the Makai by Amakusa, once again leaving Shinzo's body lifeless. Enraged and in grief, he leaves to try and get his son's soul back. Shinzo's occult presence is also sensed by Nakoruru. Worried about the incoming danger she felt, she leaves her resting spot to investigate.

Meanwhile, Hanzo's journey to the Makai realm is interrupted by Genan Shiranui. Genan, who wants to taste his blood, attacks. The fight initially goes badly for Hanzo until Haohmaru intervenes and stops the goblin's attack. Though he offers to help, Haohmaru steps aside and allows Hanzo to finish his battle (after seeing his determination). This time, Hanzo attacks with more vigor and eventually decapitates Genan. Sturdier than he looks, Genan's head grows spider-like legs and he flees from the scene. By this time, Nakoruru has joined with Haohmaru and Hanzo.

Soon afterwards, Amakusa appears before them, ready to revive Ambrosia. Recognizing the trio to be the last threat against him, Amakusa manifests his spirit into a solid matter. Happy for a fight, Haohmaru takes him on; however, he gets badly wounded for underestimating Amakusa's power. Amused by the hero's resolve to still stand against him, the sorcerer shows them a brief image of his past defeat at Shimabara. He explains that the anger of his beloved (the skull that he carries) must be released upon the world, for vengeance of the lives lost and the pain that his people have suffered. Nakoruru notices his pain as being his sadness at his lover's execution, which makes Haohmaru scoff at Amakusa for misunderstanding his emotions. He stands up and defeats Amakusa in one blow.

Amakusa, stricken by the attack, is then struck by the devil he tried to resurrect. He then realizes that he was fooled into summoning Mizuki Rashojin. To redeem himself, he defies her and saves the trio from losing their souls. His spirit at its limit, Amakusa is reduced to ashes and is blown away. Nakoruru assures the readers that his soul is finally at peace, at his lover's side at last.

The second half of the novel focuses on the second game. It begins with Cham Cham challenging Haohmaru to give her back the Tanjiru Stone. He is uninterested in her until she tries to take the stone back by force. He disarms her and leaves, but he quickly gets annoyed when the girl follows him. He refuses to give it to her as he wants to honor Amakusa's bravery and protect it from bandits.

Their conversation is quickly halted by Genjuro Kibagami, who was hired by Mizuki to take the stone and Haohmaru's life. Powered by a strong force, Genjuro quickly weakens Haohmaru and gains the advantage in their fight. The moment they clashed their blades, Nicotine Caffeine throws in his ofuda and stops them from continuing. Genjuro prepares to slay them but Mizuki teleports him back before he could act. Nicotine, aware of Mizuki's presence, explains the demon's real identity and her true intentions with Ambrosia. He knows of Haohmaru's resolve to go alone to the Makai and only warns him about the strength differences between his two students. The old man also has the Palenke Stone, confusing Cham Cham on which stone she needs to bring back home.

As Haohmaru leaves, Nicotine vows to babysit Cham Cham. She quickly uses Paku Paku to steal the stone away from Nicotine. Her victory is short-lived as it is stolen by Genan seconds later. While she chases the thief, Cham Cham bumps into Mizuki. Nicotine steps in to defend the girl, telling her to get the stone back while he fights the demon. Although he fought bravely, he is eventually defeated by Mizuki and taken as her hostage.

Meanwhile, Haohmaru runs into one of Mizuki's demons and is fighting for his life. Whilst he struggles, Cham Cham and Genan unintentionally shield him from the beast's ball of energy, transforming them into tiny pigs. While Haohmaru uses the opening to slay the beast, the two continue their fight once they revert to their original forms. Neither side has the advantage until Cham Cham performs her desperation move. Satisfied with her win, she leaves to check up on Haohmaru.

By this time, he is already facing Mizuki. Still wounded from his fight with the demon, he is loses his strength quickly and becomes stunned by one of her spells. She summons another one of her demons to charge at him and he is surprisingly saved by Genjuro -who kills the beast effortlessly. Genjuro, claiming that he is the only one who can kill his rival, betrays Mizuki. At this time, Cham Cham and the awakened Nicotine intervene as well. Haohmaru regaining his spirit, tells them to step back. Focused and calm, Haohmaru withstands Mizuki's attacks and defeats her. Her spirit and Ambrosia's are sealed in the Makai. The story ends with Cham Cham (with her home's treasure) and Nicotine returning to their respective homes. Haohmaru and Genjuro begin their match on the final page.

An extra gag story also takes place in between chapters, featuring Tam Tam and Cham Cham. Her brother is upset at his lack of screen time, which leads him to humorously find ways to get more glory.



  • Some of the shots for Genjuro were later used for the SNK vs Capcom manhua adaption.
  • Amakusa's lover is covered in more detail in the RPG. Her design in the comic later became the prototype for her design in the game.
  • In the author's notes, Ohno says that his three favorite characters in the series are Cham Cham, Hanzo, and Genan.
  • There's a running gag throughout the book where various characters will refer to Genan as "nukesaku", a derogatory term that denotes someone who is low-classed.


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