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Shingo Yabuki.

Here is a list of quotes for Shingo Yabuki.

In BattleEdit

  • "Kuuru ni ikou ze, Shingo." - "Just stay cool, Shingo."
  • "O-ichi, ni, san, shi. Shingo ichiban te ikimasu!" - "A-one, two, three, four. Shingo is going first!"
  • "Kotoshi wa editto janai ze, Shingo." - "You're not an edit this year, Shingo."
  • "Kono ichiban de Shingo ga aitessu!" - "This number one fan Shingo shall be your opponent!"
  • "Ore no kachi da!" - "This is my victory!"
  • "Yooo-shi! Yarimashita yo, Kusanagi-san!" - "Al-right! I did it, Mr. Kusanagi!"
  • "Heh heh, Moetaro?" - "Heh heh, feel the burn?"
  • "Ehehehehe...Yatta ze!" - "Ehehehehe...I did it!"
  • "Body ga amee ze!" - "Your body is weak!"
  • "Kurae!" - "Take this!"
  • "Ikuzeeee!" - "I'm comiiing!"
  • "Shingo Kiiiikku!" - "Shingo Kiiiiick!"
  • "Namai nasu tuu!"
  • "Otto!" - "Whoa!"
  • "Abune!" - "Watch out!"
  • "Osugoi abunai!" - "That was dangerous!"
  • "Chi, koko do!" "Chi, get down!"
  • "Moero, Shingo!!!" - "Burn, Shingo!!!"
  • "Kusanagi-san, gomen nasai!" - "I am sorry, Mr. Kusanagi!"
  • "Orette shinpo ne!" - "My skills are lacking!"
  • "Kusanagi-san!" - "Mr. Kusanagi!"
  • "Arigato...soshite sayonara!" - "Thank you...and goodbye!"
  • "Waza wa? hokani waza wa nai no ka?" - "Moves? Any more moves left?"
  • "Nanka kita!" - "Something's coming!"
  • "Katteta..." - "I won..."
  • "E-etto...memo, memo...okee." - "U-um...memo, memo. OK."
  • "E-etto...Aragami wa?" - " do I do the Aragami?"
  • "Waza! Doko ittano, ne?" - "The moves! Where are they, huh?"
  • "Makerare naen da yo!" - "I can't lose this!"
  • "Yacchatte kudasai." - "Please do this."
  • "Totsugeki!" - "Charge!"
  • "Kono nichirin no kagayaki wo oserunu no nara... Kakatte koi!" - "If you don't fear the shine of this sun...then bring it on!"
  • "Kusanagi-san no mae ni, kono ichiban deshi no Shingo ga aitessu!" - "Before you face Mr. Kusanagi, this number one fan Shingo shall be your opponent!"

The King of Fighters '98Edit

Win QuoteEdit

  • "Did you see me, mom?! I... I won! King of the world!"

The King of Fighters '99Edit

Win QuoteEdit

  • "I just get tougher! Kyo, I'm comin' for you!"

The King of Fighters 2000Edit

Win QuoteEdit

  • "I, I...won... I am suuuupreeeme!!!"

Lose QuoteEdit

  • "One more time!!! I gotta try again!"

The King of Fighters 2001Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "I did it! I'm the victual! I owe my win to my master!
  • "I don't hold back! I'm always on the side!
  • "Your efforts aren't in vain! You just may win next time!
  • "There's definitely something really scary about that guy." (Vs. K')
  • "Master Kyo! I finally did it at last!" (Vs. Kyo)
  • "Apologize for troubling my master! Say you're sorry." (Vs. NESTS Team)
  • "If ya got a pork with Kyo, ya gotta get through me first!" (Vs. Yagami Team)

The King of Fighters 2002Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Heey! I won! Mr. Kusanagi, did you see what I just did?"
  • "Even in the prelims, I never hold back. That's the Shingo way!"
  • "Effort is always rewarded! Little by little, I will rule!"
  • "How about that, Mr. Kusanagi?! Who da man? Shingo's da man!"(Vs.Kyo)

The King of Fighters 2003Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • ""Feeling the burn?" ...I've always wanted to say that!"
  • "Ooh, ya! I feel good! Winning rules! Whoo-hoo!"
  • "Walk in the park...!!! J-just kidding. Medic!"
  • "What an amateur! I just get better every year!"
  • "I knew there'd be no flames! But I shot 'em, right? Right???" (Vs. Benimaru/Daimon)
  • "I'm used to shooting the flames... Ou-ou-ouch!" (Vs. K')
  • "How 'bout that? I've gotten stronger, don't you think?" (Vs. Kyo)
  • "Man, I thought that Maxima would have my butt! Word...!" (Vs. Maxima)

The King of Fighters XIEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Awesome! I really do have talent, don't I? This power, Mr. Kusanagi - dare I think it?"
  • "Flame! I shot flame, didn't I? Hey there, pal. Wake up!"
  • "I did it, Mr. Kusanagi! Shingo Yabuki has triumphed!"
  • "That was one boss battle! I'm on my way to Victory Town!"
  • "You're kind of stuck on yourself, huh? But real people should show a little humility!" (Vs. Gai/Gato)
  • "Wheeez, hack... OK. Go get me some chow mein bread!" (Vs. Himself)
  • "If I were a cyborg, I could shoot flames... J-just kidding, OK?!" (Vs. K'/Maxima)
  • "One more match, Mr. Kusanagi. ...Mr. Kusanagi?" (Vs. Kyo)

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