SHOOTING☆STAR is a 1998 rock image song for Terry Bogard performed by Satoshi Hashimoto. It was first released as a track in the Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 The Newcomers Arranged Soundtrack. The song can also be heard in The Sun and The Moon ~ Prologue and the pachinko game, Garou Densetsu Special, when Terry faces Geese. Although there are Japanese lyrics they're sung with a slight accent that makes certain words sound heavier than usual.

The re-recorded version -used for the pachinko slot game- can be heard here.

Japanese lyrics

(Get Down! x 4)

Kizutara keno asui Heart

chutohanpa ni fuueneba Overheat

Taiyo wo nigete buze

Wild no fuumi komete Dead Zone (Ou~!)

Ashita ga nai ka atayeteku nante

Kankei nai darou ?

Motto tsuyoku motto hayaku hashiru tsuzukero!

* Ima me no mai ni hirogaru wo aoi sora mieteru yume ga

Ore wo te mae niteru

Never be knocked down!

Tada kono kuwa dakeshimi tadakau wo hibi ai ga shimiru

Me no namida wo muguwanai

I got a shooting star!


Mada hitotsu toa awaogeta

Shukemei tabi deru tameni

Jinsei wa tanoshimono

Tasho no sumi wa jibun de kese yo (Ha!)

Yakumimo tatenai mieno hariyari nanka wa

Doudemo iikaa

Hikari yurei ni hoshi wo sen ni hashiru tsuzukero!

* repeat

Never say "they won't don't"

If I keep on going

Come on

English translation

(Get Down! x 4)

A glance in my hot Heart

Overheats any incomplete doubts

The sun better run away

before this Dead Zone gets Wild (Ou~!)

Tomorrow's worries might hound me

but who says it means anything?

I'll just run faster and stronger!

* The dream I see in this endless blue sky

Shall someday be in my hand

Never be knocked down!

Even if the echoes of battle stabs love that I hold dear

I won't tear up

I got a shooting star!


Opening the door once more

I embark on a fateful journey

I just want to experience life's joys

And rid these past sins by myself (Ha!)

Indestructible things might try to stop me

but that's that doesn't matter

I'll just dash to a star in a flash of light!

* repeat

Never say "they won't don't"

If I keep on going

Come on


  • Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 The Newcomers Arranged Soundtrack
  • Neo Geo Guys Song Collection

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