Here is a list of quotes for Shun'ei.

The King of Fighters XIVEdit


  • "Makasete kure." - "I'll take care of this."
  • "Ore ga iku." - "I'm ready to go."
  • "Makeru sumori yo nai." - "I just can't lose."

In BattleEdit

  • "Sa te... hineji dori yono kiwa... ore." "I... will make it through this."
  • "Makeru tsumori wa nai." - "I cannot lose.
  • "Makasete kure." - "Let me handle this."
  • "Ttaku..." - "Shucks..." (Time Up)
  • "Amai!" - "Naive!"
  • "Moratta!" - "You're mine!"
  • "Tsuranuke!" - "Pierce!"
  • "Kudakero!" - "Break apart!"
  • "Aqua Spear!
  • "Blau Wing!"
  • "Gaianic Burst."
  • "Shoot!"
  • "Specter Extension."
  • "Demolish Dimension." (Climax start)
  • "DORARARARARARARA!" (during Climax)
  • "Yoshi...mou issen..." - " more..."
  • "Chikusho!" - "Damn it!" (kneeling KO)

Pre-Battle DialoguesEdit

Kyo Kusanagi

Kyo: "So you are old man Tung's secret weapon."
Shun'ei: "What of it? That's got nothing to do with you."
Kyo: "You're disrespectful for a rookie, not that I'm one to talk."
Shun'ei: "Kyo Kusanagi, I know all about you. Tung is always upset with me for not being able to control my strength. All I ask is that you get out of here before I kill you."
Kyo: "C'mon, doesn't that old man have any decent students?"


Kukri: "...You bastard."
Shun'ei: "What're you looking at?! Not that I can really see your face..."
Kukri: "Nothing..."
Shun'ei: "Um, I don't get you."


Shun'ei: "Alright, let's go, Meiten. Come at me with all you've got."
Meitenkun: "Uh, do I really have to fight you, Shun?"
Shun'ei: "You can't act like that. After all, I was the one who kept losing during training."
Meitenkun: "Aww, let's take a nap together instead, c'mon..."
Shun'ei: "I keep telling you, I may not be much but I'm gonna do my best. If you don't wanna get hurt, you better beat me!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "You're pretty weak."
  • "I'm the winner. Alright, I'm out of here."
  • "Taking it easy is meaningless if you don’t win."
  • "I won so easily... Is this how it's gonna be?"
  • "I thought I had learned how to control my strength, but it seems I've got a long way to go..."
  • "I feel like I'm figuring something out because of you."
  • "So this is how far you have to go to win… This is a high-level competition, huh."
  • "Sorry. Looks like I was the stronger one."
  • "You can learn a lot from fighting different types."
  • "Get up. I didn’t hurt you too bad, right?"
  • "I won much more easily than I thought."
  • "Don't get up. I don’t know if I can hold back anymore."
  • "Grandpa's been training me. I should be pretty strong."
  • "Well, I really did it this time. I didn't mean to go this far."
  • "Are you OK? Here, take my hand."
  • "I couldn't warm up or cool down with you."
  • "I was able to hold back a little this time."
  • "This tournament is lousy with people like you."
  • "I thought I trained for this, but a real fight is so different."
  • "Whoa, I squeaked that win out."
  • "You only lost a battle. It's a waste to get depressed over every little thing."
  • "There's always an opportunity in the worst developments. Grandpa taught me that."
  • "If you don't go all in, you’ll get an injury you can’t recover from."
  • "You were way easier to fight than Meiten."
  • "If this is how it is, I think I could do this all day."
  • "Kyo Kusanagi seems stronger than you... Are you really the champion?" (vs. Antonov)
  • "You’ve got good reach, but that leaves a bigger opening when you miss." (vs. Billy)
  • "That was like fighting a troll..." (vs. Chang)
  • "Unlike my master, you're more of a technique fighter... But you weren’t so tough to face." (vs. Chin)
  • "If Grandpa hadn't picked me up off the streets, I might be twisted like you." (vs. Iori)
  • "You're so angry, despite your calm face. You're a clever one." (vs. K')
  • "Always pushing justice on people is annoying." (vs. Kim)
  • "Crap, I got sand in my clothes. This guy is the worst." (vs. Kukri)
  • "Looks like even the Kusanagi style can’t exorcise this power." (vs. Kyo)
  • "S-So this is a kunoichi... This was a difficult fight for multiple reasons." (vs. Mai)
  • "Yes, I won! You’re buying the sweets today, Meiten... Hey, are you sleeping?!" (vs. Meitenkun)
  • "You’re from Sichuan, that’s close to my place... I’ll go see you perform next time." (vs. Mian)
  • "I don’t know, but... Isn't destroying nature also a natural phenomenon?" (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "I don't know what it was, but I felt something weird with that arm..." (vs. Nelson)
  • "You hold back your real fury with that eye patch. I guess it’s like a seal, too, in a way." (vs. Ramon)
  • "Right, the Kyokugen style is good at using ki energy, too..." (vs. Ryo)
  • "So you’re a former student? Thanks for helping me with my training." (vs. Terry)
  • "Grandpa. It makes me happier when you really try than when you let me win." (vs. Tung Fu Rue)
  • "It finally settled down... What is it with me and this thing?" (vs. Verse)
  • "Stopping you was for the entire world's benefit." (vs. Yamazaki)
  • "I-is that giant beak OK to be around? D-don’t bring it near me!" (vs. Zarina)

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