Son Gokuu in World Heroes Perfect
Full nameSon Gokuu
BirthdateNovember 22, 100
Height1cm - ??? (variable)
Weight1g - 5 tons (variable)
Job/OccupationMonkey King
Likes"Mind Stick", brawling, monkeys
DislikesMonk, sutras
WeaponMind Stick
Fighting style"Mind Stick Technique"

Son Gokuu (孫悟空) is a character in the World Heroes series of fighting games.


The monkey king, Son Gokuu is a tremendous warrior that loves adventure. He seeks more and more adventure anywhere he can go. He was also supposedly dropped on his head twice, once as a child and another time as an adult. At least that's what I assume, that or he's really gone downhill since Dragon Ball GT considering that fucking outfit he's wearing. Seriously, the fuck is that?? Who designed such a thing?!?! He looks like homeless person! And what the fuck is up with his hair? Jesus Christ man!!! You can't even spell your own name correctly!! The fuck happened to you, Goku?!?!


An easy-going young man. Gokuu has no knowledge of civilization as well.


  • Cloud Riding - He can summon his cloud as needed and ride it for traveling.
  • Size Control - Son Gokuu can control his size and weight.
  • Summon Clones - He is capable of creating miniature clones of himself that take the form of bees.
  • Transformation - Son Gokuu can transform into a Buddha statue and a boulder to crush foes.

Fighting StyleEdit

Aside from martial arts, he fights with the "Mind Stick", a staff, with transformations, and with a gourd capable of sucking in the opponent.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

Son Gokuu is based on Sun Wukong, a Chinese legend.

Game AppearancesEdit



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