Sons of Fate (サンズ・オブ・フェイト) is a gang in the Maximum Impact series. They mostly appear in supplementary material surrounding the twin protagonists.

After Geese Howard's death, a deep power rift was left in Southtown. Gangs and various other factions of the corrupt underworld vied for the position of power. Fate stepped into the gang scene to protect the common folk, eventually subduing the other gangs through raw strength and charisma. His dreams of protecting the common folk of the city continue to live on in his adopted sons.


  • Fate - former leader, founder; genuinely thought of his gang and friends as one happy "family".
  • Chance - former No. 2 of the gang and Fate's best friend; only appears in written material. Chance is described to be a playboy dressed in flamboyant suits. Though disgruntled by Fate's endless optimism and gullibility, his loyalty to Fate and shrewd scrutiny helped keep the gang together. His playboy antics influenced Soiree's attitude towards women. Chance was the first to become aware of Mephistopheles and decided to investigate the entity by himself so as to spare Fate the danger. He is the first to die; his body was never found.
  • Noel - a young man who is slightly older than the Meira twins and was adopted by Fate as a child. He joined the gang before Alba and Soiree. He is somewhat cowardly and easily excitable. Tends to butt heads with Soiree and acts as a big brother figure for Anne. Briefly seen imploring Soiree to run from the fire in the first episode of The King of Fighters: Another Day.
  • Gallagher - a man with a scruffy beard. He is slightly older than Noel, level-headed, and more mature. After Fate's death, the twins entrust him to look after the gang in their absence. Often labeled the No.3.
  • Dude - a stoic man who rarely emotes or speaks. He loves to fight.
  • Alba Meira - current leader
  • Soiree Meira - current No. 2


These characters are not actual gang members despite their close association with them.

  • Shirley Coleman - Apartment complex manager, Anne's single mother. After Fate protected her place from the gang wars, she let Sons of Fate stay there for free. She is described to be a tall and beautiful woman who dotes on Anne. Headstrong, perceptive, and sassy, she can instantly silence the gang's protests against her by threatening for compensation. Sometime after Chance's death, Shirley protected her daughter and Sons of Fate by refusing to let Mephistopheles into her building. They retaliated by killing her. Her gravestone lies next to Fate's in the local cemetery. Voiced by Harumi Ikoma for a live stage drama at TGS 2006.
  • Anne Coleman - Shirley's daughter who runs the apartment complex after her mother's death. Sons of Fate look after her, considering her to be their little sister and idol. She's a great cook, and she feeds the entire gang every day. Likes to joke around with Soiree and Noel; tries to remain positive about her troubles to not worry them. She attends a nearby high school and is currently in a relationship with Tony.
  • Tony Marcus - a young teenage boy from Anne's school. He is described to look like the stereotypical bookworm: meek, unassuming, and slim. He causes some domestic drama when he awkwardly confesses to Anne before Christmas.
  • Christina - a freckled-face waitress who works at the local burger joint. Noel has a crush on her.
  • Friedrich and Wolfgang - two stray kittens adopted by Alba and Soiree after the fire in The King of Fighters: Another Day. Friedrich wears a collar with a silver spade charm and Wolfgang wears a collar with a silver diamond charm (Soiree made them). He has his members look after them, but none of them are willing to remember their names.

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