Sugoroku from Samurai Shodown VI. Illustrated by Takkun
Full nameSugoroku Matsuribayashi
BirthdateJanuary 7, 1751
BirthplaceJapan, Edo, Asakusa (江戸 浅草, Edo Asakusa)
Height154cm (5'1")
Weight92kg (203 lbs)
Blood typeB
Family/RelativesKadomatsu (father), Kine (mother), Hatsumifuji (grandfather), Hagoita (grandmother), Karuta (wife), Koma (daughter), Pochi (pet dog)
LikesA hot bath
DislikesA cold bath
HobbiesWatching and setting off fireworks
Most unpleasantNo matter how hard he tries, he can't make his belly leaner
WeaponMatsuribayashi Hitokyu (祭囃子一発), a fireworks cannon
Fighting styleMatsuribayashi Shikei Shikun・Otoko no Shintoku Sanjo (祭囃子家 家訓・男の心得三ヶ条)

Sugoroku Matsuribayashi (祭囃子 双六, Matsuribayashi Sugoroku) is a character who first appears in Samurai Shodown VI.

His character design and mannerisms are based on the Naked Festival that occurs in Japan. According to the official guide for the game, he was developed from an earlier scrapped boss design for Samurai Shodown V. This character was a one-armed fencer with a cannon arm. His image changed when designers called for a "lame but cool" character.

He is voiced by Tarō Masuoka.


Thinking that the foreigners would like to participate in the festival, he decides to enter the brawl. He's also hoping to have a good time while he's at it.


He is another character who brings comic relief to the series. Sugoroku is a hearty party-man who wants to spread the fun of his profession.


None known.

Fighting StyleEdit

He wields a fireworks cannon as his weapon and can summon an entire parade on an opponent.


  • Fireworks Festival - Samurai Shodown VI

Game AppearancesEdit


Sugorokuss6 Sugorokoss6doll


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