Samurai Shodown VI artwork by Takkun
Full nameSuija
BirthdateUnknown (Rumor has it he's over a thousand years old)
BirthplaceMakai (Demon World)
Height170 cm (5'7")
Weight60 kg (132 lbs.)
Blood typeDemon type B
Family/RelativesEnja (younger brother)
Likes"Foolish beings who worship me."
Dislikes"Ignorant beings who don't worship me."
Special skill"Gods have neither faults nor do they need special skills."
WeaponBracelets of Rudra (屡堵羅の環, Rudra no Wa)
Fighting styleThe Way of Divine Thought (神の思考)

Suija (水邪) is a character in Samurai Shodown V. He is based on Suija Sogetsu from Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage. Game developers for Samurai Shodown V wanted Suija to be the "dangerous guy who wants to be a god". He is voiced by Ikuji Nose and Naoki Oikawa.


Suija is one of Liu Yunfei's disciples from 1,000 years ago who succumbed to the powers of the demon world. He and his brother became powerful elemental demons that were eventually sealed. However, they were able to break the seal. He possesses a shinobi from the Kazama clan, who was investigating evil energies close to the lake where he was sealed. He meant to reunite with his brother and steal a spell that Kuraki-sumeragi possessed. The spell allows demons to better fuse with a human host. With this spell, he wished to possess Sogetsu's body and mate with a woman to spread his essence in the human world. Parallel to Enja's fate with Kazuki, however, Suija is sealed in Sogetsu's weapon by Hazuki.

Due to their likeliness to one another, the dubious nature behind Sogetsu's birth, as well as Suija's need for a human host, several fans speculate that he is actually Sogetsu's father. However, this claim also lacks a solid official source and is generally considered to be conjecture by fans.


A power-hungry demon who thinks of himself as a god.


  • Hydrokinesis - Suija has the power to control water.
  • Possession - Suija has the ability to possess any human.

Fighting StyleEdit

As his special attacks can only be performed while in the air, Suija is inclined to be played more defensively. His impenetrable water shield allows him to double jump or employ several delaying tactics versus his opponents. His ability to cancel into a strong slash, in addition to his sliding kick and high priority anti-air attacks make him an effective mid-ranged fighter.

His moveset is from Sogetsu's Bust or Rasetsu form, which is a highly projectile-based keepaway type of moves.

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