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Super Otousan (超 お父さん) is a pachinko-slot machine released by SNK for Japan in April 2006. It was popular enough to get a sequel, Super Otousan 2.


Takeo, a super hero of justice, retired from his days of crime fighting to stay at home with his family of three. One day, the evil organization, Zelta, kidnap his daughter. Steping out of retirement and donning his V belt once more, Takeo becomes Super Otousan to save her.


  • Takeo Honjo - main protagonist and clumsy father of the Honjo family. He runs a kissen (Japanese coffee shop) named "Obrigado" (which means "Thank You" in Portuguese) to make the bills. Once he wears the V Belt, he transforms into Super Otousan. His super finishing move is the "V Slash".
  • Sachiko Honjo - chain-smoking and overweight wife of Takeo. She has a tough attitude and likes to boss around her husband.
  • Ruri Honjo - 17 year old daughter of the Honjo family and mascot for the games. She uses her telepathy to help her father during battles. Likes to take baths.


  • Bill Boken - leader to Zelta.
  • Hyoka & Biluhyoka - two common henchmen of Zelta. Frequently kidnap Ruri.
  • Gondar - humanoid hawk man.
  • Frogger - a giant frog mecha.
  • Raio - hummanoid lion man who is the second strongest member of Zelta.


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