Elephant Slug without Vulcan
a Elephant Slug without the Vulcan
Full Name Super Vehicle "Elephant"
Mass 4230kg
Height 198cm
Width {{{Width}}}
Length N/A
Speed slow
Communications None
Power plant None
Power output None
Weaponry 12,6 mm Vulcan
Optional weapons Flame or Electric Shot
Defensive measures None

Super Vehicle "Elephant" is a rather strange (and female, as stated from the Metal Slug Database) "vehicle" in the Metal Slug series, and despite its popularity under Metal Slug fans, its useable in Metal Slug 3 only.


The Elephant gives the player Firepowers, but it won't protect the character riding it from enemy fire. The character is totally exposed to enemy fire during combat, but the Elephant itself is invulnerable. To compensate for this, the 12,6mm Vulcan has been equipped, but nothing else, unless the Elephant Slug eats a Battery or a Peperone in Metal Slug 3, which gives her the abillity to fire flameshots or electric arcs.

Game AppearancesEdit


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