Tachi Bou ke (立ち惚け Tachi Bōke, lit. Standing Fool) is a theme song played specifically for Athena Asamiya and Sie Kensou in The King of Fighters XIV. It's composed and written by Minori Sasaki (佐々木 みのり) and performed by Yukiko Nakazawa (中澤 由紀子). An instrumental version is also available when fighting at the Bund stage, associated with the Psycho Soldier Team as a whole (including Chin).

Tachi Bou Ke


Ne Kimiwa 

Naniwo kangaete iruno? 

Furari Neon 

Mitsume Mujakini Warau

Ah itsuka 

Tsutae nakucha ikenai koto (nai koto) 

Furari Hirogaru 

Kotoba Kazeni tokete mienaku naruyo

kira kira Kagayaku Mizu kagami 

Utsutta Kimi to Boku 

Horahora Yubisasu minamo niwa 

Nizimu Boku to Kokoro

kachi kachi Nagareru Toki no Naka 

Kimi to Tachi Bou Ke 

pachi pachi Hajikeru Niji Hanabi 

Kaki Kesu Koi no Oto

English translation

Oh you 

What are you thinking about? 

Staring at a feeble neon light 

And innocently laughing

Ah, someday 

The thing I must say to you (say to youuu) 

Will spread gently 

The words will dissolve to the wind and disappear

Twinkle twinkle, the shining water mirror 

Reflects you and me 

On the water surface I'm pointing to you ("hey, hey") 

There are a blurred me... and my heart

Tick tock, time flows 

And here I am, standing like a fool with you 

Crackle crackle, the rainbow fireworks burst 

And the sound of love vanishes

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