Takuma Sakazaki.

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In Battle Edit

Japanese English
Dou ja? How was that?
Mikita wa! I see you!
Kakatte konu ka! Come and attack me!
Ippon Seoi One-arm Throw
Oosotogari Great Surface Gathering
Oni Guruma Encircling Demon
Kawara Wari Dividing Surface
Keima Uchi: Oiuchi Strike of the Armored Warrior: Chasing Strike
Hisha Otoshi: Dan Tsubushi Nest Drop: Bullet Destroyer
Ko'ou Ken Strike of the Shining Tiger
Mouko ~ Burai Gan Mark of the Feral Tiger ~ Stone of Deceit
Sanchin no Kata Form of Three Battles
Zenretsu-ken Swift Strike
Hien Shippu Kyaku Soaring Squall Kick
Hao Shikou Ken Strike of the Ultimate Tiger
Kyokugen-ryuu Ougi: Ryuuko Ranbu Secret Technique of the Utmost Limit: The Tiger and Dragon's Dance of Destruction
Shin Kishin Geki Wrath of the Dark God
"Mijuku mono me ga!" "You're (still) just a beginner!"
"Mada mada geneki dekeru wa ii!" "I'm not gonna retire yet!"

Art of Fighting 2Edit

Pre-Battle Dialogue Edit

Eiji Kisaragi

Takuma: Ryo has told me all about you. I fell asleep, though...
Eiji: Wait a minute, that's an insult, right?


Takuma 1: Kyokugen Karate isn't for every Tom, Dick or Harry!
Takuma 2: No, it's for every Hiro, Shin and Taro. Hahaha...

Jack Turner

Takuma: It seems you have lost your savage spirit, my friend!
Jack: Oh, shut up. I think I ate a bad side of beef or something.

John Crawley

Takuma: The true value of fighting lies not in the slaughter of your enemies!
John: No, in shutting up old bores like you!


Takuma: Oh, a kickboxer. Nice gams, honey!
King: These gams are going to send you to a very warm place!

Lee Pai Long

Takuma: The disciple of Gaku Suu. Don't shame the name of your master.
Lee: Ke, ke, ke... I don't need your advice. Taste my steel.

Mickey Rogers

Takuma: It seems boxing is a mere sport. Face the harsh facts!
Mickey: Face my fists, you pansy Karate fool.

Mr. Big

Takuma: At last the final battle has come. Let's finish this soon.
Mr. Big: Heh, heh! It has been a long time since we have mixed it up!

Robert Garcia

Takuma: Robert, you have become strong. But not as strong as me!
Robert: We will have to see about that, sensei!

Ryo Sakazaki

Takuma: Well, Ryo. Show me the fists of your labors.
Ryo: Geez... Dad, here? In front of everybody? Give me a break.


Takuma: You're one I know not! Attack and be brave!
Temjin: Are you another fighter or an overaged cheerleader?

Yuri Sakazaki

Takuma: Show your father what you have learned. Kick in my teeth.
Yuri: Okay, papa! Here I come, watch your teeth!

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Good! But not good enough to match the power of Kyokugen."
  • "Wimp! Maybe you should become a banker instead, mushhead."
  • "A small world with a double for everyone. Interesting, huh." (Vs. Himself)

Special Stage DialogueEdit

Pre-Final Battle

Agent: "Mr. Takuma Sakazaki? The Police Commissioner would like a word with you. Could you walk this way?"
Takuma: "The Commissioner? I wonder what this could be...a trap? Wah!"

Geese Howard

Geese: "Long time, no see, Takuma. How's your daughter?"
Takuma: "Geese? You...!"
Geese: "People should learn to finish their sentences. But I am happy you remembered my name. Ya...big galoot. Care to make up?"
Takuma: "I said it before and I'm sayin' it again. No, no, NO! Okay?"


Geese: "Is this how you treat your kind benefactor? Oh, cruel world!"
Takuma: "Quiet! Now I pay you back for everything! Ha oh-- Eh! What the heck...?"
Servant: "This way, Mr. Geese."
Geese: "I have lost this time, but I will be back. For now, my farewell."
Takuma: "Wait, the battle is not over, yet. GEESE!"
Servant: "Mr. Geese, we are entering Japanese air space."
Geese: "I see. How goes Southtown?"
Servant: "Everything is going as planned. Just f-a-b, b-i-g g-u-y."
Geese: "Tell me more. Don't spell it out."
Servant: "OK, whoops, sorry. Anyway, it seems that Jeff Bogard is checking up on you and your actions. We don't know who this guy is."
Geese: "Take care of him. Rub him out."
Servant: "Rub him off. Got it."
Geese: "Out! Twit! Kill him and get me control of Southtown. I have invested too much in this to see my plans ended. The city will be mine. All mine. Wah hah haaaah."

Ending Edit

Ryo: "Way to go, dad!"
Yuri: "Hooray, papa!"
Takuma: "Oh, Ryo, Yuri. I guess I did okay, huh? Oooh!"
Yuri: "Papa! Aaah! Hang in there!"
Ryo: "Daddy!"
Takuma: "I'm...okay. But my arm hurts like all get out! Oh, my days as fighting God have come to an end! Ryo, Yuri. Your age is dawning. Make a name for yourselves, and remember your dear old dad. Even when I start to drool and..."
Ryo: "Okay, dad. We understand!"

The King of Fighters '94Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "I was more skilled than you!" (Vs. Brazil Team)
  • "You did a good job, too..." (Vs. China Team)
  • "Go home now!!" (Vs. England Team)
  • "Jeff'd be crying in heaven." (Vs. Italy Team)
  • "You are still far from us!" (Vs. Japan Team)
  • "Always be on the alert!" (Vs. Korea Team)
  • "You can't copy my fighting!" (Vs. Mexico Team)
  • "You can even be stronger!" (Vs. USA Team)

Arranged Sound Trax album (Ryuko no Ken) Edit

Robert: "This song sounds Mexican and portrays more of the image of "The Art Of Fighting/A Dragon and a Tiger" than the image of us."
Ryo: "It is a very dark and cool image."
Takuma: "It's like a silent fighting spirit... Something that boils blood."
Ryo: "The essence of Extreme Karate! (Kyokugen)."

The King of Fighters '95Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Come again, slug. Just try to beat me. Nyah, nyah!"
  • "Stop whining. Your face will heal--in a few years."
  • "The way of Kyokugen karate is invincible! Real tough!"

The King of Fighters '98Edit

Special Intro Edit

  • "(Laughs while wearing Mr. Karate's mask, and then breaks it) CHESTO!" (Vs. Ryo/Robert/Yuri)

Win QuoteEdit

  • "Wow, you're an disgrace! You better hang it up, kid."

The King of Fighters '99Edit

Win QuoteEdit

  • "Kyokugen Karate is the true way of battle!"

The King of Fighters 2000Edit

Win QuoteEdit

  • "You should talk less. It'd do you a lot of good."

Lose QuoteEdit

  • "Was I just a tad too overconfident?..."

The King of Fighters 2001Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Kyokugen knows nothing of "retreat." It only knows "attacking!""
  • "Kyokugen once again proves that it's the ultimate art of fighting!"
  • "We knew we had won. Me and this old wound!"
  • "If we get the chance, how about forming our own team?" (Vs. Heidern)
  • "I had some regrets about KOF. But those end here" (Vs. Girls Team)
  • "Ryo's a good man. He's waiting for you, King!" (Vs. King)
  • "Take me to your leader. You copy me!?" (Vs. NESTS Team)

The King of Fighters 2002Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Here's a salute to you.. a big raspberry! Phhhhht!"
  • "As for me.. there's no other life like this!"
  • "Wise up, unbeliever. Mock not the martial arts!"
  • "You stop me? Hah! I guess I showed you!" (Vs. Ryo/Robert)
  • "More showy moves, eh? Stick to the fundamentals!" (Vs. Yuri)

The King of Fighters XIIIEdit

Pre-Battle Dialogues(Story Mode) Edit

The Art of Fighting Team

Ryo: "We're almost at the venue, but... How's your training coming along, Robert? You must've been busy with work and stuff. Did you have enough time to prepare?"
Robert: "Don't worry about me. What about you? I'm used to travelling all over the place, but aren't you exhausted?"
Ryo: "Not in the least. It'll take more than travel to hinder my abilities."
Takuma: "Hmph, you two both look like shrimp compared to me. If you're really that into sizing each other up, why don't you have a nice sparring match?"
Ryo: "Hmmm, that's not a bad idea. We're fighters, after all. We talk with our fists, not our words!"
Robert: "Good point. But our match is coming up soon, so let's not go all out, okay?"
Ryo: "Gotcha. Lets do it!"

Team Japan

Kyo: "Kyokugen Schmokugen! Another easy win for Team Japan!
Ryo: "Well, at least your mouth is still functioning! I won't worry about your injuries, then."
Kyo: "Hm? What are you talking about?"
Ryo: "Oh, nevermind! Let's make this the best fight ever!"
Benimaru: "Sigh... I don't know how I end up stuck with these types every time?"
Robert: "Don't act like you don't love it! I can see you smiling!"
Benimaru: "That's my problem. I know this will be another long and messy fight... But I can resist getting caught up in the excitement."
Robert: "You're a bit of a freak, you know that? But hey, I'm not gonna let you down!"
Takuma: "Very well. Allow me to test your strength in Saisyu's place!"
Daimon: "I guess we have no choice... Let's go!"
Kyo: "Don't blame us if all your students drop out of your school!"

Team Women Fighters

Takuma: "You stubborn girl! you entered the tournament again! I didn't even give you my permission!"
Yuri: "Oh, just deal with it already, Dad! I can take care of myself!"
Mai: "Calm down, Yuri."
Robert: "Yes, there's no need to get upset here, Master."
King: "Perhaps you should be more considerate of your farther, Yuri. He's just worried about you because of the many times he hasn't been able to look out for you."
Takuma: "Precisely! What a keen eye! That's why I like you! You should be more like her, Yuri!"
Ryo: "Dad, Yuri's a grown-up now. Why do you have such a hard time admitting that, huh?"
Yuri: "Ryo..."
Mai: "Oh, how cuuute! Is that some brotherly love there?"
King: "Maybe you should take your own advice, Ryo? Don't take it so easy on your little sister."
Ryo: "What?"
Takuma: "(Huh...!?)"
Ryo: "I'm just looking out for her, trying to get Dad off her back."
King: "Well, maybe she doesn't need you to do that anymore. She can fight her own battles."
Robert: "(I don't like where this is going...)"
Ryo: "What's gotten into you, King? This is family business, all right?"
King: "You're just going to dodge the issue like that? I tell you, men these days..."
Yuri: "(This isn't good!)"
Ryo: "Who do you think you..."
Yuri: "I'm sorry, Dad! I wanted to tell you, honest! But I just couldn't..."
Takuma: "O-Okay! As long as you're sorry. We'll let this slide this time! Right, Ryo?"
Ryo: "Huh? I wasn't angry with her in the first place..."
Robert: "Fantastic! Must be amazing to be part of such a wonderful family! Right, King?"
King: "Well, whatever works for them, I guess..."
Takuma: "Well then, Yuri, show me what you've learned!"
Yuri: "All right, here goes!"
Robert: "Wake up, you two! The fight is starting!"
Ryo/King: "Wh-Wha...!?"
Mai: "Wow. This is an amazing team here..."

Pre-Battle DialoguesEdit

Andy Bogard

Takuma: "I will test you to see if you are worthy of the skills you've inherited from Hanzo!"
Andy: "I heard so many people telling your story in Southtown when I was young... The legendary Unbeaten Karateka... Allow me to test you as well, Takuma!"

Ash Crimson

Takuma: "I don't know what you're up to, but you're out of luck now that you've run into me. Don't cause too much trouble to the other patients while you're in the hospital, okay? Those people have real illnesses and they need their rest."
Ash: "What? You think you're going to win? You're about eight steps ahead of yourself, mister."
Takuma: "Your impudence has lasted long enough. I'm going to turn up the lights in here! I want everyone to see this!"

Athena Asamiya

Takuma: "I have never once underestimated the power of Kung Fu since my fight with Lee Gakusuo. I will give it 100% whether my opponent is a fearsome Kung Fu master or a young girl such as yourself!"
Athena: "Thank you! It means a lot to me that you acknowledge me as a true martial artist! Now let us fight and hold nothing back!"

Benimaru Nikaido

Benimaru: "I hope Yuri isn't around to hear this, but man, you're so stubborn they should turn you into a monument! I can't imagine what it must be like living under your roof.I feel sorry for your kids, I really do."
Takuma: "Did you say something, young man? I didn't hear anything of note, but your tone did make you seem awfully sure of yourself."
Benimaru: "Are you trying to imply that I talk too much? That's just what I do to warm up! Who are you to judge!?"
Takuma: "Hmph. Very well. I suppose all that matters is whether or not you can keep this fight interesting."

Billy Kane

Takuma: "You and I aren't even in the same league! Get out of my sight this instant, and take that silly stick with you!"
Billy: "Don't be so sure of that, old man! We'll see who's no match for who here!"
Takuma: "Indeed we shall.... Geese is going to wonder why he ever hired you...."

Chin Gentsai

Chin: "Ho ho ho! You don't seem to be able to control your fighting spirit. You're still young! I envy that...."
Takuma: "Hearing that from a senior citizen puts me at a loss for words. So I'll just let my fists do the talking!"

Clark Still

Takuma: "Such ease of movement... This can't be just the result of mere training. You've must've seen a number of battlefields. I can see why you're Heidern's right hand man. I'm going to enjoy fighting you!"
Clark: "Takuma Sakazaki... The Commmander has told me a lot about you. But I don't intend to let you win! Capture, incapitate, and suppress... The standard strategies should work just fine!"

Duo Lon

Takuma: "You've been through a lot, haven't you? I can tell by the weary look in your eyes."
Duo Lon: "My experiences are nothing to boast about. Reality is a constant ordeal for me."
Takuma: "I see. That must be what life is like for the Hizoku. Then show me what your life has taught you!"

Elisabeth Blanctorche

Takuma: "You seem to be quite formidable.... And I don't mean 'for a woman'."
Elisabeth: "If you can see that, then please stand aside! I have important matters that I must attend to immediately!"
Takuma: "Preposterous! As a martial artist, I live to fight the strong! If you want to advance, you'll have to defeat me!"
Elisabeth: "Very well.... There is nothing I fear!"

Evil Ash

Evil Ash: "How much time have you spent devoting yourself to karate? Five, ten years? It's more than that, isn't it? And now, every minute you've spent half your life upon is going to be reduced to nothingness! Doesn't that make you feel distraught? Doesn't it just make you want to die?"
Takuma: "What are you yammering on about!? The power of Kyokugen is right here, in my fists! Kyokugen will not die out as long as it exists in my hands!"
Evil Ash: "You're a fool! When your timeless ceases to exist, your fists will not exist either!"

Flames Iori

Takuma: "My Kyokugen style does not know the meaning of the word defeat! It doesn't matter if my opponent uses the Kusanagi or Yagami style!"
Iori: "Do you think the Yagami and Kusanagi styles are the same!? Ha ha ha.... You're even more stupid than you look."
Takuma: "It seems words alone will not do in your case. Let us continue this conversation with our fists!"

Goro Daimon

Takuma: "I can see you've got talent, and you'd make a great Karateka! It's still not too late! Want to study Kyokugen?"
Daimon: "I appreciate your offer, but I only care about Judo.... Well, I'm sure Kyokugen will prove very educational! Let's begin!"
Takuma: "Ha ha ha! I'll make sure to give you a few lessons with my Demon Fist, as well!"


Takuma 1: "You have quite a lot of guts to try and claim the name Takuma Sakazaki. But you seem to have done a remarkable job of imitating my style, and that's quite interesting indeed."
Takuma 2: "I should be the one saying that! That's some fancy talk coming from a discount store knock-off! Let's see if those fake fists of yours have any effect on the real thing!"

Human Saiki

Saiki: "Oh? So, you are the leader of the Kyokugen School? And what's so special about you, if I may ask? Well, it doesn't matter anyway. You don't stand a chance against me. Besides, humans are destined to expire!"
Takuma: "You're so conceited it's almost funny! I shall strike you down for your arrogance!"

Hwa Jai

Takuma: "Strength, skill, and experience. You excel at all of these and yet...."
Hwa Jai: "What do you mean yet? There are no yets or ifs when it comes to my strength!"
Takuma: "And yet what you lack is a calm and clear mind, you pathetic fool. It doesn't matter how skilled a martial artist you are, if you do not have the correct state of mind to pair with it."
Hwa Jai: "Shut up, you old geezer! Hwa Jai does not take advice from a Karateka!"

Iori Yagami

Takuma: "I can sense your desire to shed blood... It only seems to have grown stronger now that you've lost your flames."
Iori: "If you can sense that, then you know you should get out of my way..."
Takuma: "Don't be absurd! You'll have to defeat me to pass! Kyokugen never turns its back on an enemy!"

Joe Higashi

Joe: "Look, I don't want to hear your torturous lectures! Just attack me already! You're strong, right?"
Takuma: "Hahaha, still the same spirited young man! Very well, let me show you my Demon Fist!"
Joe: "Yes! That's what I'm talking about! This is gonna be fun! This is what real fighting is about!"


Takuma: "Are you satisfied just cursing your own misfortune? That must be a pretty easy way to get through life."
K': "Easy...? What are you talking about!?"
Takuma: "If you've got time to sulk, then use it to fight! Don't curse your fate, fight it!"
K': "Mind your own business! Get out of my sight, you noisy old man!"

Kim Kaphwan

Takuma: "Teaching pupils in a dojo is all well and good, but it's at times like these that I feel truly alive!"
Kim: "I know what you mean. At the end of the day, we are both martial artists! Sometimes it's important to forget who we are and just have a good fight to see who's the strongest!"
Takuma: "Ha ha ha! That's exactly what I mean! Let us throw off all our cares and put everything into this fight!"


Takuma: "Show me your strength one more time. Otherwise, I cannot accept you!"
King: "Why do you have to accept me? What on earth are you talking about?"
Takuma: "Nevermind the details! Attack me!"

Kula Diamond

Takuma: "Hmm... I didn't think I was going to have to fight anyone here who was younger than my daughter..."
Kula: "Are you afraid of me, mister? Because I'm not afraid of you! So there!"
Takuma: "I see. This girl is obviously not a normal person. I can't believe I considered going easy on you, no matter how briefly it was. Hwa ha ha! So green! I'm still so wet behind the ears! I'm ashamed!"
Kula: "Umm... getting scared, then laughing like crazy? You're really weird, mister..."

Kyo Kusanagi

Kyo: "Sorry man, but this is the wrong place for you to try and attract new students... All the viewers on TV are going to learn about your style from constantly replaying the moment I knock you out!"
Takuma: "Ha ha ha! You sure have a lot of pep, young rascal! I'll teach you some decent manners in Saisyu's stead. Now come!"

Leona Heidern

Takuma: "You carry yourself well, and you have a quiet determination... Very good for a young girl like yourself! Too bad that you lack experience, though. You won't defeat my Demon Fists like that."
Leona: "I don't care how you evaluate me. All I care about is completing my mission."

Mai Shiranui

Takuma: "Now that Hanzo is dead, the fate of the Shiranui style rests on the shoulders of you two. I hope you realize the weight of this burden. Are you ready to do whatever it takes to keep your style alive?"
Mai: "That was a nice speech, Yuri's daddy. Andy and I make the best team! Let me show you that the Shiranui style is in good hands!"


Takuma: "You belong to that Orochi thing! Come to haunt the living, have you? Saisyu never had any trouble dealing with you, and nor shall I. I'll make sure you never set foot on earth again!"
Mature: "You're living in the past, old man! The world has passed you by! Get with the times! If you still insist in hanging on to your glory days, I'll take great pleasure in showing you that they're all behind you now!"


Maxima: "I heard that once there was a Karateka who shattered a bull's horns with one chop. Is that true?"
Takuma: "Want to try and see? There aren't any bulls in the area though. I shall have to make do with your chest, if that's okay with you?"
Maxima: "Hey! That's not funny! If I took one of your chops straight to the chest, I don't think that even I would get away unharmed!"
Takuma: "Then you shouldn't have tested me. Now let's go!"

Mr. Karate

Takuma: "What is this!? Am I dreaming! But this aura of bloodlust... It's piercing my very skin..."
Mr. Karate: "Indeed, this world is nothing but a transient dream... So don't let that hold you back."
Takuma :"Hmm... I suppose it would be interesting to fight a dream image for a change... Very well, let's do this!"

NESTS-Styled Kyo

Kyo: "Hey, if you've got that much energy to spare, why don't you put it to use sparring with my dad or something?"
Takuma: "It's exactly because of your father that I am here, Kyo. He asked me to break the nose of that no-good son of his."
Kyo: "That loser! So he's finally given up and started to get other people to do his stuff for him, huh!?"


Takuma: "'re a bit overweight. You probably find that you're too heavy to move when the critical moments arrive."
Raiden: "Mind your own business! See for yourself if I can move or not!"
Takuma: "I plan on it."

Ralf Jones

Takuma: "At first glance you look like a coarse and careless man, but beyond that lies a seasoned veteran. I'd best prepare for a knockdown drag-out battle. He he he... You're sure gonna be a pain..."
Ralf: "You say that, but you're smiling. Just admit that you're having fun, old man! It's guys like YOU that are a pain to deal with. But it's not like I'm the easiest person on the planet to deal with. My fists have started itching, so let's get scratching!"

Robert Garcia

Takuma: "It is good for you to be helping your father, but I hope you haven't been neglecting your training!"
Robert: "Don't worry, I haven't! If you doubt me, I can show you right now how well trained I am."
Takuma: "Very well. I shall enjoy testing you to see how much you've grown up!"
Robert: "Just don't soil yourself in the process, okay? Let's go!"

Ryo Sakazaki

Takuma: "Ryo... I haven't told you everything I know about Kyokugen yet!"
Ryo: "I'm not going to go back to studying now. If you want to teach me, you'll have to do it through fighting now, Dad!"
Takuma: "That's my boy! Defeat me and you will learn the true essence of our fighting style!"


Saiki: "You poor fool! Don't you understand that humans will never be more than mere humans?"
Takuma: "We will never become gods, certainly. But we might turn into demons! Shall we try and see what my Demon Fists can do to someone who isn't human?"
Saiki: "Go right ahead! Even if you're only human, this should still prove fun!"

Shen Woo

Shen: "You don't look like you got that scar for decoration.... I think I'm going to enjoy this fight!"
Takuma: "That makes two of us. You look like you've been through quite a lot too."
Shen: "That's true, but why waste time talking about it when I can show you! Actions speak louder than words!"
Takuma: "Young people these days are always in such a hurry. Very well! I shall show you the power of Kyokugen!"

Sie Kensou

Takuma: "You're one of Master Chin's young disciples. I see you have grown up a bit, that's good, good...."
Kensou: "A bit!? What do you mean 'a bit'!? That's a huge understatement, old man! I'm sure you'll think better of me once you try to fight me. You'll see just how much I've grown!"
Takuma: "I look forward to it! Although, if your growth as a fighter is the same as your growth in maturity, I have a feeling I'm going to be disappointed."

Terry Bogard

Terry: "Huh? What happened to your mask, Mr...uh...Tengu?"
Takuma: "It's not a tengu! It's Mr. Karate! KAH-RAH-TAY! K-A-R-A-T-E! KARATE!"
Terry: "Woah. I was just joking, but if you gonna take it that seriously, that must mean you really ARE Mr. Karate..."
Takuma: "Enough madness! I'm not Mr. Karate! If you don't shut up now, I'll let my fists do the talking!"


Takuma: "You're that sadistic slattern from the Orochi Clan.... I've heard all about you from Saisyu!"
Vice: "You dare mention that geezer's name in my presence!? Do you have a death wish or something? Just looking at stubborn old fools like you makes my blood boil!"

Yuri Sakazaki

Takuma: "Listen, Yuri! I won't tell you to use karate for anything other than self-defense. But at least promise me you'll take martial arts seriously! Your karate still lacks the proper stance and attitude!"
Yuri: "You and Ryo are so stubborn! Why can't you ever look at things on a case-by-case basis!? Being all serious is something that suits you, Dad, but I'm much better off doing stuff my way. And what's wrong with that? If you get 100 karateka together, they'd all train in 100 different ways."
Takuma: "There you go again, acting like you know everything! I guess it's time for me to start training you all over again from scratch!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "You know your own strengths and weaknesses. Stay devoted to yourself!" (Vs. Andy)
  • "Weak! So weak! One punch is all it takes to extinguish your fire!" (Vs. Ash)
  • "Do you see your own limits now? Good. This is the start of your real training!" (Vs. Athena)
  • "Fool! Gifted people are everywhere! Only those who pair their gifts with effort become truly great!" (vs. Benimaru)
  • "Pathetic! This is all Geese's flunkies are capable of? Tell him to come out himself if he wishes to defeat me! (Vs. Billy)
  • "This age, and yet this power... Kung Fu is truly an impressive art!" (Vs. Chin)
  • "Stop making excuses, you'll never defeat me. I have more experience than you." (Vs. Clark)
  • "Judo is a force to be reckoned with. I can see this tournament will be tough!" (Vs. Daimon)
  • "Is this really all that you have? Show me the true power of the Hizoku!" (Vs. Duo Lon)
  • "Kyokugen does not need words. It speaks through victory!" (Vs. Elizabeth)
  • "You are consumed by malice... Your body and spirit need more training!" (Vs. Evil Ash)
  • "You don't even know your own strengths. So green! So shallow! You need training!" (Vs. Hwa)
  • "There's too much hatred inside you! You should start learning Kyokugen!" (Vs. Iori)
  • "There is no blind side to my style. Even when facing a Muay Thai fighter." (Vs. Joe)
  • "Your flames are sparks compared to the flames of Saisyu. Pathetic!" (Vs. K')
  • "Not bad, but you're still too inexperienced. You need to study more!" (Vs. Kensou)
  • "I was actually enjoying that fight for a moment. I feel young. Childish even!" (Vs. Kim)
  • "Very good! You didn't disappoint! The future is looking bright for you!" (Vs. King)
  • "Girl or child, I don't hold back in battle! That is the fist of the demon, the path I walk!" (Vs. Kula)
  • "You're the successor to the Kusanagi Style? Saisyu must be pretty disappointed with you." (Vs. Kyo)
  • "If you hate looking at blood so much, why come here in the first place?" (Vs. Leona)
  • "Is this all there is to the Shiranui Style? Your ancestors must be ashamed!" (Vs. Mai)
  • "Your claws may be sharp, but they don't stand a change against my Kyokugen!" (Vs. Mature)
  • "A true Kyokugen fighter can cut through steel! Do you understand that now?" (Vs. Maxima)
  • "Do you not understand why I sealed that mask? An obsession with strength corrodes the body!" (Vs. Mr. Karate)
  • "You only rely on your bulk and brute strength. You'll never win like that." (Vs. Raiden)
  • "I see you don't just fight from the drills and manuals. But you're still not good enough to defeat me!" (Vs. Ralf)
  • "Do you see what true Karate is now? Stay devoted, Robert!" (Vs. Robert)
  • "There's only a small margin between you and me, Ryo! Think about what that is!" (Vs. Ryo)
  • "You won't win if you are obsessed with strength. Stop and reflect upon your life for a moment!" (Vs. Saiki)
  • "You seem to rely on your youthful spirit alone. But, still, it's not bad!" (Vs. Shen)
  • "Jeff should be proud to have a son strong enough to avenge him!" (Vs. Terry)
  • "You fight only to kill. You'll never beat a true martial artist like that!" (Vs. Vice)
  • "Haven't you learned anything!? You don't even understand the essence of Kyokugen!" (Vs. Yuri)

The King of Fighters EX2Edit

Win QuoteEdit

  • "Your regret causes you to fight."

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