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Tam Tam
Samurai Shodown V Tam Tam.
Full nameTam Tam (real name unknown)
BirthdateApril 1, 1722
BirthplaceGreen Hell
Height285 cm (9'4")
Weight55kg (121 lbs.)
Blood typeA
LikesHeroes, participating in harvests
Special skillPraying
Measurements (bust, waist, hip)132-33-72 cm (52"-13"-28")
WeaponFunge Munge Chonge, a kind of scimitar
Fighting styleMaya-style (マヤ流, Maya-ryū)

This version of Tam Tam (タムタム, Tamu Tamu) is another man in Samurai Shodown V. He is considered to be a different character than the original Tam Tam. He is voiced by Toshikazu Nishimura.


The Tam Tam in Samurai Shodown V is a different warrior (the priest of his village), using the legendary mask in his stead. After the original failed, the second Tam Tam sets out to save the original. In his ending, the second Tam Tam places the magical mask on the deceased first. Once the mask is back on, the original Tam Tam comes back to life.


This Tam Tam only wants to restore his hero. He tries his best to live in the original's image.


  • Fire Breathing - Tam Tam can shoot a fire projectile from his mouth.
  • Multiple Attacks - Tam Tam can spin his sword or himself for multiple hits.

Fighting StyleEdit

He fights the same as the original Tam Tam.

Game AppearancesEdit


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