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In Battle Edit

Art of Fighting 2 Edit

Pre-Battle Dialogue Edit

Eiji Kisaragi

Temjin: "Taste the rage coursing through my blubber."
Eiji: "I'm sure that there will be much to taste, pork belly!"


Temjin 1: "Oh no, a clone! Talk about your occult phenomena!"
Temjin 2: "It's a wild world we live in, huh?"

Jack Turner

Temjin: "Oh no, the ultimate enemy! What a powerhouse!"
Jack: "Stop it! You're embarrassing me to no end!"

John Crawley

Temjin: "Whoa, another dandy! You sure know your style."
John: "Heh heh, thanks! But I'm still going to crush you!"


Temjin: "I sense a feeling of death here. I must be careful."
King: "If you keep fiddling around, I'm gonna kill you!"

Lee Pai Long

Temjin: "The masked avenger rides again! Hah hah, what a fluster!"
Lee: "Keee! Shut up, weed head!"

Mickey Rogers

Temjin: "A boxer! I wish I was a boxer, teach me... Huh? Teach me!"
Mickey: "Okay... You can study after you come out of traction."

Mr. Big

Temjin: "No fair using things like that to fight me!"
Mr. Big: "Hey, we have already begun, so watch yourself."

Robert Garcia

Temjin: "Wow, you're one stylish dude. I'm impressed!"
Robert: "Well, what can I say? I'm cool, stylish and... sniff... unloved!"

Ryo Sakazaki

Temjin: "Whenever you are ready, you small yuppie, you!"
Ryo: "What! Nervous? Resorting to silly insults won't save you!"

Takuma Sakazaki

Temjin: "Karate? It's no use... I don't know Karate, you won't win!"
Takuma: "Yes, but I know Karate and I'll win!"

Yuri Sakazaki

Temjin: "A girl? You can't hope to oppose me, oh!"
Yuri: "Hah hah hah hah... What a haircut... Hah hah hah hah... What a bozo."

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Maybe I should have become a teacher. I'm getting bored."
  • "All those looks and all that money, and still a wimp! Tragic."
  • "I can't help feeling we have met before. Oh...I need a nap." (Vs. Himself)

Special Stage Dialogue Edit

Pre-Final Battle

Agent: "Mr. Temjin? The Police Commissioner would like a word with you. Could you walk this way?"
Temjin: "Whoa! You bet! Nice car here. Are we taking this? Cool!"

Geese Howard

Geese: "The mysterious Mongolian!"
Temjin: "The...hey! Who are you? Is this Heaven?"
Geese: "No, my confused friend, I am the one and only Geese Howard. I have brought you here."
Temjin: "Thanks. Oooh. Look at the time! Gotta get going..."


Temjin: "How about that, Mongol Magic!"
Geese: "Heh, it's all over."
Temjin: "Uuuooh! What is this?"
Servant: "This way, Mr. Geese."
Geese: "I have lost this time, but I will be back. For now, my farewell."
Temjin: "Where are you off to? Wait!"
Servant: "Mr. Geese, we are entering Japanese air space."
Geese: "I see. How goes Southtown?"
Servant: "Everything is going as planned. Just f-a-b, b-i-g g-u-y."
Geese: "Tell me more. Don't spell it out."
Servant: "OK, whoops, sorry. Anyway, it seems that Jeff Bogard is checking up on you and your actions. We don't know who this guy is."
Geese: "Take care of him. Rub him out."
Servant: "Rub him off. Got it."
Geese: "Out! Twit! Kill him and get me control of Southtown. I have invested too much in this to see my plans ended. The city will be mine. All mine. Wah hah haaaah."

Ending Edit

Tem Buster: "Good morning, Principal Temjin."
Temjin: "Morning, Tem Buster. I just love kids, so innocent and sweet."
Tem Buster: "Waa! What a strange haircut! Wah hah hah!"
Kids: "Principal has a weird head. Principal has a weird head!"
Temjin: "You little demons! Make fun of me, will you!"

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