Tenjin Mikoto
Mikoto Tenjin
Full nameMikoto Tenjin
BirthdateUnknown; 14 years old
BirthplacePriestess Country
Job/OccupationGuardian of the Twinkle Star
WeaponGodly bow and spiritual arrows

Tenjin Mikoto (天神ミコト) is a character in Twinkle Star Sprites: La Petite Princesse. Her official nickname is "Star Guardian".


Mikoto is one of the priestesses defending the wishing star (Twinkle Star) from other people. She refuses to let anyone rob the wishing star from its proper resting place.


Mikoto is dedicated to her duty and a soft talker. She doesn't like to hear noises and is easily annoyed by noisy people.


  • Flight - Mikoto has the natural ability to fly.
  • Energy Blasts - Mikoto can fire blasts of energy. She can also fire a large astral sword.
  • Tanuki - Under certain conditions, Mikoto can send various forms of tanuki to foil her opponent.

Game AppearancesEdit

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