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Terry Bogard appears in various other media that doesn't necessarily tie into his Fatal Fury counterpart or his The King of Fighters counterpart. He usually acts in a similar manner as his original incarnation, but he demonstrates different traits or character relationships that make him different.


Capcom vs SNK titlesEdit

In these crossover titles, he has a friendly rivalry with Ken Masters. They fight to prove who is the real American champ between them, albeit in a jocular manner. He is content to keep traveling around the world in all of his endings in the Capcom created titles and SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium.

Terry is trying to take a vacation in SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos but ends up fighting against the Capcom and SNK cast. If he faces Violent Ken, he'll be confused by the sudden change in character that Ken exhibits and wants to snap him out of his frenzied state. In his ending, he gets a letter from Joe informing of a King of Fighters tournament; Terry hitches a ride from a truck driver to join up with him.

The card game series makes subtle references of Terry being the SNK equivalent to Ryu, mainly in the first two titles. They team up in the Dregs card in the first title and can also be special support characters for one another. They are also advertised as opposites in packaging and promotional artwork.

Neo Geo Battle ColiseumEdit

Terry is described as the defending champion of the King of Fighters tournament. He returns to Second South with an invitation to the Maximum Mayhem King of Fighters tournament. Before choosing to answer the invite, he checks up on Rock with the request to join the Battle Coliseum tournament.

In his ending, his victory is observed by Grant and Kain R. Heinlein. They remark that, even with their evaluation of Terry's strength, there is nothing to worry about for their own upcoming tournament. In Rock's ending, he awards the young man with the invitation he received.

The King of Fighters: KyoEdit

When Kyo Kusanagi travels to America in search of teammates for the 1997 tournament, Terry is the first person who greets him in California. If the players choose to be friendly with Terry, Kyo and Shingo Yabuki will friendly make his acquaintance. Terry, who hasn't seen Shingo before, jokingly wonders if Shingo is Kyo's younger brother. Although Shingo properly introduces himself as his student, Terry seems to have problems remembering Shingo's last name and mistakenly calls him other names during their entire time together (calling him "Yabuka", "Kabuki", "Yabusoba", and other such variants).

If Kyo decides to stay with Terry, he'll take them to Jeff's grave before they leave for Southtown. When they go there, they meet Andy, who has already paid their respects to their father. Together, the brothers are intent on avenging their father before the 1997 tournament begins. Depending on the player's actions, they can stay together during Kyo's time in the city, eventually running into Blue Mary. She informs them that she's on a job to investigate a certain company and playfully asks if they'll be her bodyguards. Although she warns them that Geese is in town and suggests waiting to watch his movements, Terry and Andy are intent to get their revenge immediately and bitterly leave. When Mary's investigation eventually locates Geese's whereabouts, Kyo reports it to them and the brothers apologize. After they defeat Ryuji Yamazaki and Yashiro Nanakase, the trio confront Geese in his office. Geese gloats that he has taken a medicine scientifically infused with something matching Orochi's power, theoretically making him stronger and preventing him from suffering the same fate as Rugal. However, he and Billy Kane are defeated twice by the trio, leaving Geese shocked by his losses.

Suddenly, Geese is defeated by a figure in the shadows, who turns out to be the real Geese. The real Geese remarks that his little experiment was an interesting yet utter failure. After mocking Terry and Andy, he hops out of his office window with Billy's assistance. Landing safely in a nearby helicopter, Geese escapes. Although both brothers feel robbed that their nemesis fled, Terry and Andy thank Kyo for his help. Depending on the answers made earlier, either brother can then join Kyo in the 1997 tournament.

Days of MemoriesEdit

Terry Bogard (Days of Memories)
Terry and the protagonist in Kare to Watashi no Atsui Natsu
Full nameTerry Bogard
BirthdateMarch 15; 35 years old (fourth title)
Height182 cm (5' 11")
Weight81 kg (179 lbs)
Blood typeO
Family/RelativesJeff Bogard (adopted father, deceased), Andy Bogard (younger brother)
Job/OccupationBasketball coach of Raimon High School (fourth title)
LikesUkee (his pet monkey)
HobbiesPlaying video games
Favorite foodRock's cooking, fast food hamburgers
Forte in sportsBasketball
Special skillAccurately guessing a woman's measurements just by glancing at her
Fighting styleNot officially mentioned but seems to be the same as his canon counterparts.

Throughout the Days of Memories series, Terry usually is usually given a small in-text cameo from other characters, either being mentioned as Andy's brother or by speaking his trademark "Okay!" line in the background. In the sixth title, he regularly writes letters to Alice Garnet Nakata and even gave her his hat. She has treasured their meeting ever since and is exuberant to be his fan.

In the fourth title, he is traveling around the world with Rock Howard and they arrive in the protagonist's town in Japan. They first meet the protagonist while they are searching for Raimon High School, but she is too shocked by their appearance and runs away in embarrassment. When she attends her classes, she learns that Terry is the school's new basketball coach and apologizes for her earlier rudeness. Upon their arrival to the school, Terry and Rock become very popular. In Terry's case, his friendly charm, athletic skills, and his close relationship with Rock are what make others admire him. He is known by the student body as "Terry-sensei". Since he doesn't know many girls from the high school, he asks the protagonist to be a manager for the basketball club and come everyday after classes. As he stays within the town, he quickly makes the place his home and even gets a visit from Richard Meyer. When he isn't on the job, he buys groceries for Rock's cooking and plays video games (like Samurai Shodown) at Neo Geo World. To get his mail, he goes to Ryo Sakazaki's dojo, although he apologizes to his rival for using the place as his temporary post office. During Sports Day that month, Terry even fights Ryo for old time's sake and may win if the protagonist cheers for him.

His past history with Southtown is still the same as his canon counterpart and he eventually reveals this to the protagonist. After Geese fell to his death, Terry took Rock in and they traveled the world together since the latter was a child. Realizing that Rock is now an adult who can make his own decisions, Terry takes them to Japan so he can step out of Rock's life. As his surrogate parent, Terry worries that he is interfering with Rock's ability to make friends since the teen prefers his company the best. Terry therefore encourages Rock to be friendly with his teammates and the infatuated fangirls that follow them around. He worries even more when Billy, who wants to resurrect Geese's legacy through Rock, hunts them down in the town. Although Rock refuses to succeed his father, Billy's presence in the town reminds Terry why the pair always need to travel.

Due to the misconduct accusingly caused by some of the basketball club members in town, Terry is fired from his job before the month ends. He is given permission to stay long enough to prepare the team for the tournament at the end of the month, which shocks the students present. Terry doesn't mull over losing his job as he cheerfully sees this as an opportunity to continue his travels. When the basketball members finally accept Rock as their good friend after they win the game, Terry decides to have the team celebrate together. He initially mistakes the protagonist's feelings for him as a way to get closer to Rock and sets them up on a date. When the two come back to the Illusion to explain the misunderstanding, Terry then confesses his plans to leave Rock behind in the town. Although a hurt Rock hits him and leaves, they eventually reconcile their differences off-screen and agree to continue their travels together. Before they depart, he sees the protagonist again and fights Billy, who wants to "dethrone" the "Hero of Southtown". After Billy retreats from his loss, the protagonist admits her feelings for Terry and says that she wants to go anywhere with him. Though he is in disbelief that the young girl likes him, he accepts her and promises to come back for her when he's done traveling.

A year later, Terry pays her a visit. He actually wants to continue traveling, but Rock scolded him to come back for the protagonist since Terry talked about her too much. With Rock on his own, Terry asks if she still wants to go with him and she cheerfully takes his offer.

The King of Fighters: DestinyEdit

The King of Fighters: Destiny mobile game and animated webseries incorporates elements from the '90s Fatal Fury animated counterparts to devise a different backstory for him and his family. In this continuity, Jeff dies on Terry's fourteenth birthday. After he undergoes arduous training and matures, he falls in love with a woman named Angelina who has a role similar to Lily McGuire.

Drama CDsEdit

Fatal Fury seriesEdit

Neo Geo DJ StationEdit


Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry WolfEdit

In the first anime, a young Terry and Andy begin the story enjoying a day in the park with their Jeff and Master Tung. When their father is assaulted Geese and his lackies, they hurry to their father's side. As he runs, Terry spots the young flower girl who was clinging to Jeff at the time get into Geese's limo. Both boys arrive too late and cry over their father's body. While paying their respects at Jeff's grave, Master Tung informs the boys that if they want their revenge they need to hone their martial skills first. He asks them to go hone their arts and return ten years later.

When Terry returns to Southtown again, he enters a bar to pass the night away. The local men fawn over the glamorous Lily McGuire, who playfully promises to spend the night with whoever catches the rose she throws. Terry ends up catching it and defends himself from the resentful bachelors in the place. When the ruckus overturns the table Joe Higashi is snoozing at, the two fighters face off. Terry's fighting stance stuns Joe from engaging and the police come to arrest them. Joe and Terry evade them. After sharing a friendly drink and stories about Andy at Joe's hotel room, the kickboxer informs Terry of the upcoming King of Fighters tournament. Since Joe eventually turns in for the night from their drinking, Terry respectfully takes his leave.

He meets Lilly giving money to poor orphans in the area, making her acquaintance. Treating her kindly, he remarks that there is a completely different world than the one she envisions. As thanks for his kindness, Lilly kisses his fingers that were torn by the rose that she threw the previous night. He then pays his respects at Jeff's grave and is fiercely attacked by Andy. Before the brother's fight can continue, Master Tung stops them. The elder congratulates the younger men's skills, stating that they have both passed their father. When Master Tung indulges that he wants to teach one of them the final technique of the Hakkyokuseiken martial art, he admits that he doesn't know which one of them is worthy of learning it. Since they notice one of Geese's men spying on them, Terry asks his brother to enter the King of Fighters tournament with him to settle their differences and to additionally have the chance to fight Geese.

While Terry naps before his match, Lilly visits him in private. She offers him a drink on Geese's orders, but eventually slaps it out of his hand since it was presumably toxic. Understanding her real intentions, they share a kiss before he's called to the ring. He first beats Richard Meyer with a Rising Tackle and continues to rise up in the finals to face Andy. When Joe saves them from one of Geese's snipers, Lilly turns out the lights and leads them toward the secret escape route out. As the men climb down to safety, Geese catches up to them and blasts Lilly from the two story building. Terry runs to her side and she tearfully dies in his arms. Swearing revenge against Geese, Tung drives them to safety but is wounded by Billy during their escape. Forced to take the wheel, Terry swerves the tiny automobile to the hospital.

When the doctor informs them that Tung has little time left, the elder uses the last of his willpower to teach Terry the Seppuken technique. Learning how to channel the beat of nature, Terry masters the technique in a short time and Tung demonstrates the move to him. By the time he recovers from the whirlwind blow, Tung has already passed away. With the technique under his belt, he hurries to rescue Andy and Joe, who have already charged onto Geese's island. Terry arrives just as Andy is defeated and eventually prevails over Geese with a powerful Seppuken. The trio go their respectfully separate ways after the confrontation, as Terry declares his will to hone his ki channeling abilities. As he sails on a boat leaving the town, he throws a rose into the water in Lilly's memory.

Fatal Fury 2: The New BattleEdit

Terry is helping out the construction workers in the second OVA and takes a lunch break after he saves one of his fellow workers. He spots a young boy fishing named Tony, who he quickly befriends. After he stops Tony from beating up other kids, Terry is quickly challenged by Kim Kaphwan to a match. Terry wins after a short fight and they go their separate ways. Tony, who learns that the man next to him is his idol, follows him to become his disciple. Terry discourages the youth, knowing that ugly nature of fighting and stressing the boy to protect his living mother. As they walk into an alleyway, they meet Wolfgang Krauser and Terry loses against the giant. Tony's mother nurses him back to health and he respectfully leaves for her behalf.

Losing his confidence and terrified by the strength he faced, Terry splurges into drinking and loses his will to fight. At one point, he even throws away his gloves and gets in trouble with the law after he beats up a group of thugs. Joe pays the bail and tells Terry that he and Andy will avenge him. For a similar reason, Tony stands up for him when Axel Hawk challenges him at a bar. Although Tony fights a losing battle against Axel's student, Terry realizes that Tony's willpower echoes his own thoughts from his childhood days. Instilled with his new found confidence, he sobers up and beats Axel with one punch. He spends the next few days or so training in the mountains to get himself back into shape. The spirits of Lilly and Master Tung visit him one night, each encouraging him in their own way.

They pay a visit to Joe in the hospital and Terry thanks his friend for his effort. Telling Mai Shiranui to keep an eye on him, Terry and Tony leave to meet Andy at their old training grounds. Both brothers then fight for hours to see which one has the right to face Krauser. Faced with his younger brother's finishing move, Terry invents the Power Geyser during their struggle and wins the fight. Taking Tony with him, they ride to Germany to have his rematch with Krauser. After a long and brutal fight, Terry prevails. As Krauser commits suicide by walking off the edge of his broken castle, Terry returns to Tony and the boy learns the futility of just living a life for fighting.

Terry brings the boy back to his mother and smiles when Tony promises to protect his mother. Before he leaves, he throws his hat to him.

Fatal Fury: The Motion PictureEdit


Terry's design in the Motion Picture.

The King of Fighters: Another DayEdit




Live ActionEdit

The King of Fighters MovieEdit

In the live-action King of Fighters movie, Terry is a CIA agent investigating the on going phenomenons in his world.

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