The Gandhara
Full nameUnknown
BirthplaceIndia India
Height5'11" (180cm)
Weight200 lbs (91kg)
Job/OccupationProfessional wrestler
Fighting stylePro Wrestling
Not to be confused with the Samurai Shodown character Gandara.

The Gandhara (ザ・ガンダーラ, Zā Gandāra) is a character from 3 Count Bout.


The Gandhara is an Indian professional wrestler currently employed by SWF. Since joining the SWF, Gandhara became the reigning Rookie Champion.


Gandhara is a cocky fighter that likes to demonstrate his martial prowess.


  • Fire-breathing: The Gandhara can send streams of fire from his mouth.

Fighting StyleEdit

He uses the following moves:

Game AppearancesEdit


The Gandhara

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