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The King of Fighters 2000
Kof 2000 k
Promotional art of K' and Kula. Illustrated by TONKO.
Developer(s)SNK, DotEmu (Humble Bundle)
Release dateArcade
JP July 26, 2000
Neo Geo
JP December 21, 2000
JP August 8, 2002
PlayStation 2
JP November 28, 2002
PlayStation Network
JP February 18, 2015
NA May 3, 2016
Microsoft Windows
Humble Bundle:
WW January 9, 2016
GenreFighting game
Game modesSingle-player, multiplayer
Platform(s)Arcade, Neo Geo, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Network, Microsoft Windows

The King of Fighters 2000 is the seventh game in The King of Fighters series. This King of Fighters has the introduction of Active Striker characters that add an extra dimension of strategy to game play. It also features Another Strikers and/or Manic Strikers that are characters from other franchises in the SNK World. This would be the last King of Fighters game produced by SNK before the company's bankruptcy and later revival as SNK Playmore and then later renamed SNK.


The official story given by SNK is as follows:

"It has been a while since the existence of the mysterious secret syndicate NESTS was brought to light. Since then, however, their presence still remains a mystery and they've kept their activities well under wraps.

Meanwhile, in contrast to NESTS seeming lack of action, an increase in terrorist activities throughout the world has been taking place. Heidern and his band of mercenaries have determined that these events are the work of K' and Maxima.

Heidern and his band quickly begin pursuit of these two, but just as they begin their efforts, the invitations for the latest KOF tournament are sent....!

The fighters ready themselves for the tournament to begin in various venues throughout the world. Most remarkable among the invited teams is one in which K' and Maxima are listed as members! Moreover, NESTS whip into the second phase of their project, as if summoned into action by the two "terrorists."

Is the beginning of NESTS's activities a mere coincidence? Or, could it be...?

Once again a feeling of impending conflict stifles the air, and the curtain on the latest King of Fighters is about to rise...!!!"

After the KOF 1999 tournament, the commander of the Ikari Warriors, Heidern, is determined to figure out the objective of the NESTS cartel so that he can stop them from achieving their ruthless ambition. A fellow commander and long-time friend of Heidern, named Ling, tells the veteran fighter that K' and Maxima may hold the key to locating the whereabouts of the mysterious organization. Using this information, Heidern decides to focus his efforts on finding the duo so that they can be captured and interrogated for information. Meanwhile, the NESTS cartel sends Kula Diamond to investigate the tournament.

At the finals of the tournament, the Hero Team are taken to an underground mansion via a hidden elevator and are greeted by a mysterious but sinister-looking man. At the same time, Ling and a couple of his associates suddenly betray Heidern. In the underground mansion, the man known as Zero reveal he had the real Ling killed and replaced with a clone in disguise. Also, Zero tells the fighters that he was a former member of NESTS with plans to eliminate the cartel by using a powerful space-based weapon known as the Zero Cannon. To demonstrate his power, Zero fires a warm-up shot of the cannon towards Earth and wipes a city off the map.

The fighters battle against Zero not realizing that their energy powers the Zero Cannon. Zero is defeated and tries to fire the cannon again but it explodes. When K' and Maxima explore the ruined city above them, Whip appears and joins their cause to defeat NESTS.


Playable CharactersEdit

Hero TeamEdit

Members Strikers
K' Another K'
Maxima Rocky
Ramon Duke Edwards
Vanessa Fiolina Germi

Benimaru TeamEdit

Members Strikers
Benimaru Nikaido Another Benimaru
Shingo Yabuki Cosplayer Kyoko
Lin Eiji Kisaragi
Seth Goro Daimon

Fatal Fury TeamEdit

Members Strikers
Terry Bogard Geese Howard
Andy Bogard Billy Kane
Joe Higashi Duck King
Blue Mary Ryuji Yamazaki

Art of Fighting TeamEdit

Members Strikers
Ryo Sakazaki Awakened Kaede
Robert Garcia Another Robert
King King Lion
Takuma Sakazaki Gai Tendo

Ikari Warriors TeamEdit

Members Strikers
Leona Goenitz
Ralf Jones Yashiro Nanakase
Clark Still Shermie
Whip Chris

Psycho Soldier TeamEdit

Members Strikers
Athena Princess Athena
Sie Kensou Psycho Soldier Kensou
Chin Gentsai Baitang
Bao Kaoru Watabe

Korea Justice TeamEdit

Members Strikers
Kim Kaphwan Kim Sue Il
Chang Koehan Kim Dong Hwan
Choi Bounge Kim Jae Hoon
Jhun Hoon Kang Bae Dal

Women Fighters TeamEdit

Members Strikers
Mai Shiranui Chizuru Kagura
Yuri Sakazaki Nakoruru
Kasumi Todoh Li Xiangfei
Hinako Shijou Lilly Kane

Single EntryEdit

Characters Strikers
Kyo Kusanagi Syo Kirishima
Iori Yagami Mature & Vice

Hidden CharacterEdit

Character Strikers
Kula Diamond Candy Diamond, Foxy


  • Zero (playable in console versions)

Maniac StrikersEdit

* PlayStation 2 exclusive strikers

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Box Art Edit

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