The King of Fighters 2003
Arcade flyer, showing the "Hero Team" (Ash, Duo Lon & Shen). Illustration by Falcoon
Developer(s)SNK Playmore, SNK NeoGeo, Ignition Entertainment (PS2)
Publisher(s)SNK Playmore, Ignition Entertainment
Release dateArcade
JP December 12, 2003
Neo Geo
INT March 11, 2003
PlayStation 2
JP March 28, 2004
EU April 2006
AUS January 16, 2007
JP August 25, 2005
PlayStation Network
JP April 15, 2015
GenreFighting game
Game modes3-on-3 Tag Battle; Up to 2 players simultaneously
RatingsPlayStation 2
12 (PEGI & USK)
12 (USK)
Platform(s)Arcade, Neo Geo, PlayStation 2, Xbox, PlayStation Network

The King of Fighters 2003 is the tenth game in The King of Fighters series. It's the last King of Fighters game to be based on the Neo-Geo MVS hardware, and the first game in the series developed and published by SNK Playmore under their current moniker. This game also is the first chapter of "Tales of Ash" Saga.


As indicated by the game's name, it takes place two years after the last canon King of Fighters game, The King of Fighters 2001. According to the game's storyline, a new King of Fighters tournament is organized by an unknown host. The several new rules are instituted, including a whole new team system.

At the end of the tournament, depending on how players defeat the midgame boss, Kusanagi, the players will either face Adelheid Bernstein or learn that the tournament organizer is Chizuru Kagura and that a group known as "His Distant Land" is working in a secretive plot. After defeating the mysterious stone fighter known as Mukai, Ash Crimson appears before Chizuru, attacks her in her weakened state and steals her powers. Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami come to Chizuru's aid as Ash tells Iori that he's his next target.


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  • Kyo Kusanagi
  • Iori Yagami
  • Chizuru Kagura


Note: In consoles versions, depending on the chosen fighting mode (Normal or Arcade), the stages may vary. In normal mode, all stages there are variations of time and space.

  • Japan: In arcade mode, the fight takes next to a large gate of a temple. Can be seen the temple, in the background, eastern gods and laterns in the gate, people cheering, sakuras trees and a fountain. In console normal mode, on the 1st round, it's other temple, only now, the fight takes next to a tree. Can be seen people cheering, a bridge, a big lantern in the gate of the temple and traditional buildings. In the 2nd round, it's sunset and the fight occurs next to the other buildings; from the 3rd round, the fight takes near the gate, it's already night and the stage is empty.

Gameplay of Terry vs. Tizoc in arcade version

  • Czech Republic: In arcade mode, the Orloj, in Prague. In first rounds, can be seen people and other buildings. In final rounds, the stage is empty and it's already night. In console normal mode, the fight takes in a truck that runs through the streets of Prague. Can be seen houses, buildings buildings, a square and veichles, besides people holding plaques with game's name. The truck also passes in a tunnel. Changes: in the 1st round, it's day; in the 3rd round, sunset; from the 4th round, night.
  • China: In arcade mode, the roof of a building. Can be seen a buildings with NEO GEO and SNK Playmore's logo. There are two variations of color in this stage: in first rounds, blue; in final rounds, green. In console versions, it's the same roof, with variations: in the 1st round, can be seen a neon logo, an old man and cats; in the 2nd round, can be seen the game's logo and a helicopter; from the 3rd round, can be seen childs and a woman, and the light of various helicopters.
  • Korea: In arcade mode, a seaside. Can be seen people cheering, a boat with tires, fishermen and a zeppelin. The only change is that the stage turns green. In normal console mode, the fight takes in a beach. In the 1st round, can be seen some people, a cabin, other zeppelin, boats and a moutain. In the 2nd round, the fight takes near the sea, in a new angle. From the 3rd round, the fight occurs in a pier, under the sunset. Can be seen boats, people, a new moutain and the same zeppelin of arcade version.
Shingo vs. Ralf Kof 2003

Gameplay of Shingo vs. Ralf in console version

  • Mexico: The Mayan city of Chichen Itza, in Yucatán. In arcade mode, the fight takes near the Kukulcan Temple. Can be seen ruins, crows, trees and a light fog. The only change is that the stage turns green. In normal console mode, the fight takes in various points of the Mayan city: in 1st round, next to the Temple of the Warriors, with some people dressed in typical clothes, stones and mariachi singers; in the 2nd round, in the Columns in the Temple of a Thousand Warriors, with tribal dancers, under the sunset and with the Kukulcan Temple in the background; from the 3rd round, it's night and can be seen all the monuments previously mentioned.
  • New Zealand: In arcade mode, the Glenbrook Railway. The fight takes next to the trian and the tracks. Can be seen plaques, people, baloons, a cow and a house. In the console normal mode, the fight occurs in a train station. Can be seen people cherring in the station and, in the background, the city of Auckland, besides a baloon and outdoors next to the railroad, in the 2nd round. The SNK Playmore and thre game's logo can be seen in a truck, in the station and in an outdoor. Changes: in the 1st round, day; in the 2nd round, sunset; from the 3rd round, night.
  • Egypt: The city of Giza. In arcade mode, the fight takes next to the ruins of the city and, in the background, the Great Sphinx and the Pyramids. Can be seen people and a camel. Changes: in first rounds, it's sunset; in last rounds, night of full moon. In the console normal mode, the fight takes in a boat that passes by the River Nile. Can be seen famous monuments of the city, besides people in the background. Changes: in the 1st round, day; in the 2nd round, sunset; in th 3rd round, night. Associated with Kusanagi.
  • Sky Noah: An airship floating high above ground, featuring the Bernstein family lounging and doing their business. Multiple terminals and high-tech consoles are strewn across the stage. Can be seen Rose playing piano and, on her feet, the black panther of her father, Rugal. In the console normal mode, the structures release vapors. This stage also can be seen in KOF XIII, with some changes. Associated with Adelheid.
  • Cave: A cave. Can be seen mirrors and a lava river, in the background. Associated with Chizuru and Maki.
  • Boss Stage: Other cave. Can be seen a snake statue with green glow, sparks and chains. In the console normal mode, the snake moves. Associated with Mukai.

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