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The Setting Sun & The Moon ~For That Kind Person~ (夕陽と月~やさしい人へ) is a remixed version of The Sun & The Moon. It is performed by Yumi Kakazu and it is exclusive to Iori's original drama CD. This particular version of the song is related to the drama stories, as it represents all of the lyrics written by Yumi's character, Kikuri Tanima.

Compared to the original version of the song, Kikuri's version only has her vocals and an acoustic guitar. Clips of a rock-ballad version, which are performed by Konoe Tanima (RUMI) and Iori Yagami (Kunihiko Yasui), can be heard during the dramas.

The Setting Sun and the Moon ~For That Kind Person~
Japanese lyrics

Kimi wa samishiisa wo kakusu you ni

Kokoro tsuki hanashi seo mukeru

Konna ni tooku kotoba momaku

Kimi no koto mo mitsumete itai

Donna yume wo mite nemuru no ka

Semete sono yume wo mamoritai

Kowaresoude fureru koto mo dekizu iru yo

Tsuki ga yoru no machi terasu

Nemurezu ni furune nagara

Hitori yami ni mayou toki

Sou omoi dashite

Yozora ni yureteru tsuki wo

Sora o somete yuku akane iro

Nazeka yasashisa o kanjiteru

Dare mo ga minna daiji na hito mune ni tomosu

Maru de yuuhi no you ni

Yoru ga kite fukai yami ga

Machi ya hito o tsutsunde mo

Sou kese ya shinai

Kokoro no nukumori dake wa

English translation

To hide my sadness from you

My heart turns and talks to the moon

These distant words will soon

want to be seen by you

What dreams do you see as you sleep?

At least, I want to protect that dream

Even fragile things can be touched

as the moon shines in the city night

When you aren't able to sleep while

lost alone in the darkness

Yes, please remember

the flickering moon in the night sky

The sky becoming stained by the dark red color

I feel kindness for some reason

Everyone is lighting their heart with their beloved people

It's like the sunset

Even though the night approaches and the thick darkness

surrounds the town and people,

Yes, it can't remove

the warmth in our hearts

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