Time Buttermitt
Time buttermint
Time Buttermitt and Dogmog
Full nameTime Buttermitt
BirthdateUnknown, 10 years old when the game takes place
WeaponTwin broomstick (two brooms strapped together)

Time Buttermitt (タイム・バターミット) is the main protagonist in Twinkle Star Sprites: La Petite Princesse. Her official nickname is "Time Sorceress". She is voiced by Shizuka Hasegawa.


Time Buttermint is a witch who is determined to end the Star Distortion and save the world. She's a rookie for practicing her magic but hopes to become a legend with her determination and luck. She travels with a mismatched dog named Dogmog.


Time is a worrier who is always hesitating to use her powers. She is a fan of Load Ran and hopes to meet her in person.


  • Flight - Time can fly with the aid of her magic broom.
  • Energy Magic - Time can fire energy blasts.
  • Time Manipulation - Time can use her magic to stop time.
  • Dogmog - Under certain conditions, Time can send minature versions of Dogmog to track her enemy. She can also send a giant version of Dogmog to attack her opponent's side of the field.

Game AppearancesEdit


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