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Touji Sakata
Touji in Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition.
Full nameTouji Sakata
BirthdateOctober 17
BirthplaceFlag of Japan.svg Japan
Height162cm (5'4")
Weight52kg (115 lbs)
Blood typeAB
DislikesBeing called old
Favorite foodMonaka
WeaponA fan
Fighting styleDainan-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu

Touji Sakata (坂田 冬次, Sakata Tōji) is a character from Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition. He is an aged man and one of the 2 original characters in this game, along with Tsugumi Sendo. Touji was the best friend and the rival of Tatsumi Suō (Blue Mary's grandfather and Geese Howard's master). He is voiced by Masashi Sugawara.


A prime martial artist in his youth, Touji now spends the remainder of his life strolling down the streets of Southtown without a care in the world. Any thug foolish enough to try and mug him would suffer terrible consequences, and probably end up in a hospital for their insolence. However, ever since the appearance of Geese Howard in the fighting scene, Touji's interest has been somewhat moved. It seemed that the challenge of the crime lord had once again reactivated the dormant fighting spirit within him. Touji was fully aware of Geese's legendary Hakkyokuseiken style, since he had faced Tung Fu Rue, Geese's master, several times in the past. Inspired by the new batch of fighters that have appeared to challenge Geese, Touji just might yet revive his old fighting flame, and teach the new generation a thing or two about true battle experience.


Once a jolly and high spirited fighter who had earned a name for himself in the world of fighting with his solid and refined Aikido style, which allowed him to deliver several powerful blows in just a few seconds, Touji is now nothing more than a forgotten old man who is terribly resentful towards the society that once worshiped and admired his feats.

He is a serious man but also very cocky when fighting. He sports a scar on his left eye that gives the appearance of a mean and dangerous man.


  • Slashing Aura: Through some unknown method, Touji can make his fan cut objects.

Fighting StyleEdit

He fights with an Aikijutsu style similar to Geese's.


  • Otoko Iki (Manly Life) - Fatal Fury Wild Ambition

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