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Twinkle Star Sprites Gaiden: Twin Star Memories (ティンクルスタースプライツ外伝 ~ツインスターメモリーズ~) is a 2007 cellphone application developed by SNK Playmore. It is available for the Japanese imode networks.


The story takes place after the events of the first game. Once Ran returned home, she learns the Twinkle Star has already been replaced by Anutet. In its place are the Twinkle Star's twins, the Twin Stars, and they plead Ran to retrieve the Twinkle Star. The gameplay returns to its typical shooting roots and plays like a standard vertical shooter. Players can stop in a floating shop to replenish their health or gain the use of other buffs and bonuses.


Other CharactersEdit

  • Macky and Pentell - shop keeps of their air balloon shop.
  • Prism Flower - a giant cactus flower, boss character
  • Koumori-kun - a large cartoonish bat, boss character
  • Maruu and Soran - two cupids who guard heaven, boss characters
  • Anutet - an Egyptian cat princess. She seems responsible for the Twinkle Star's disappearance. Boss character.
  • Rah - the king of Memphis and the one who ordered Anutet to steal the Twinkle Star. Final boss character.

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