PM - Player's Movelist

Formal Introduction

Hello, SNKers, this is 276, and this Blog will talk more about points of view of a player when his/her hands are not in the Arcade/Console, and realizes that life goes on, even when your loved characters won't grow after '95.

I first met SNK by AOF, But nevertheless I knew I saw something strange, this was a good fighting game, and it wasn't from Cap... you know, don't wanna touch the "Akira" line. It was the Early 90's, and the world promised much back then, like demise or aliens on Y2K.

Anyways, I saw something good on that game, then went back to the arcade (Quite rare for me, I was really young and had to use a couple bricks to be at the height of the Stick and the buttons) a few days later, until then all games I knew were from that Italian plumber, but suddenly this emotion of seeing the other kids (And not so kids) losing their coins against me was a relieving, no, AWESOME feeling, so you had me all evenings after school watching or challenging nearly everyone there, the time I spent is kinda treasured by me, and I hope you as players/analyzers/lovely critics feel/felt the same.

What memories do you keep about those days when you could just spend your lunch money on arcades, or waiting for the next lineup and release?

And what do you feel now, as you grow, to see these games, maybe weeks, months, years after you last played them?

--- 276, somewhere in an Arcade making his next Blog.

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