WARNING: The following blog contains spoilers from The King of Fighters XIV.

Okay, as we know, The King of Fighters XIV is now released. So, let's get down to business, shall we?

As I had expected, the Story Mode is basically the arcade mode of this console-exclusive game, almost nothing like the Story Mode in The King of Fighters XIII. Anyway, the Story Mode has 10 Stages: The first 8 Stages being the usual 3-on-3 fights, the Ninth Stage being the Sub-Boss Battle against Antonov, and the Final Stage being the Final Boss Battle against (SPOILER ALERT!) Verse. Oh, and there are cutscenes as well, but, only four teams have their own special cutscenes before the final boss:

  • Team Japan (Kyo, Benimaru, and Daimon)
  • Team Another World (Nakoruru, Mui Mui, and Love)
  • Team China (Shun'ei, Tung, and Meitenkun)
  • Team Official Invitation (Sylvie, Kukri, and Mian)

Those four teams have their own cutscenes, while the other twelve teams only have the normal cutscene before the final boss. Kind of ironic that those twelve teams, like Team Yagami and Team K', are irrelevant in Story Mode. Also, in the Story Mode of Team China, only 2 of Team Fatal Fury were in that cutscene: Terry Bogard and Andy Bogard. And that's it, Team Fatal Fury never have their own cutscene before the final boss. Hell, even Joe Higashi of Team Fatal Fury was never seen in the pre-final boss cutscene in Team China Story Mode, which is understandable since Joe was never a student of Tung, but Terry and Andy are.

Other than that, one of the four teams must be the winner of the tournament. Which of these four teams won the tournament against Antonov? Team Japan, Team Another World, Team China, or Team Official Invitation?

...Oh, what the hell, my guess is that it's Team Japan who won the tournament, as usual, because Tung from Team China was there, along with Nakoruru from Team Another World and Kukri from Team Official Invitation, and they all stood there and watched Team Japan defeat Verse.

Anyway, your thoughts on this?

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