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    Pirate SNK games

    October 10, 2014 by Logo1999

    The pirate video game industry has been interested in SNK games for a long time. Here's what China had to offer over the years:

    The King of Fighters '98-2000: '98 and '99 were released on Sege Genesis, 2000 on SNES (athough there's also a SNES '98 but it's a different game) Features three Street Fighter characters and Cyclops ('99 and 2000) from the X-Men.

    Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII (Sega Genesis): While not directly a port of an SNK game, we do get to play as a lot of SNK characters: FFS Ryo and Gees(e), '94 Kyo, Heavy D and Lucky Glauber (the latter two are edited to become Muhammed Ali and Michael "Joden" Jordan, respectively) Also, we fight Ryo in Terry's FF2/FFS stage, Kyo in the Korea Team's '94 stage and ironically, Geese in Billy's sta…

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