The pirate video game industry has been interested in SNK games for a long time. Here's what China had to offer over the years:

The King of Fighters '98-2000: '98 and '99 were released on Sege Genesis, 2000 on SNES (athough there's also a SNES '98 but it's a different game) Features three Street Fighter characters and Cyclops ('99 and 2000) from the X-Men.

Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII (Sega Genesis): While not directly a port of an SNK game, we do get to play as a lot of SNK characters: FFS Ryo and Gees(e), '94 Kyo, Heavy D and Lucky Glauber (the latter two are edited to become Muhammed Ali and Michael "Joden" Jordan, respectively) Also, we fight Ryo in Terry's FF2/FFS stage, Kyo in the Korea Team's '94 stage and ironically, Geese in Billy's stage from FF2/FFS.

Soul Edge vs Samurai (Sega Genesis, SNES): This is a pretty cool concept for a game, and the SNES version plays nicely even with Street Fighter II sound effects. On the Samurai Shodown side, we've got Haohmaru, Nicotine, Genjuro, Hanzo, Jubei Yagyu, Ukyo and, in the Genesis version, Cham-Cham. On the Soul Blade side, we've only got Seong Mi-Na and Mitsurugi.

The King of Fighters '96 (NES) A total of 13 out of 20 characters were cut from this impressive port...even Kyo! (although he and Athena appear in the Japan stage) That leaves King, Iori, Leona, Daimon, Yuri and surprisingly Goenitz and Chizuru. Music is nice, and notably, the AOF Team's theme from KOF '98 plays on the Iori Team stage.

Samurai Spirits II 1998 (Genesis) Based on Samurai Shodown 2 and remakes its music, but adds Mitsurugi from Soul Blade. Not all characters are included.

Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2001 (GBC): Music is awful, but at least we get to play as characters not included in CvS, including "Saermie" Shermie (palette swap of Iori), "Yasniro" Yashiro, Robert (palette swap of Andy), Andy and "Netdern" Heidern.

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