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  • Magma Dragoon

    I made another list, this time of Neo Geo titles that don't have articles yet. Once again I used MAME as reference.

    • Andro Dunos
    • Bakatonosama Mahjong Manyuuki
    • Bang Bead
    • Battle Flip Shot
    • captain Tomaday
    • Chibi Marukochan Deluxe Quiz
    • Choutetsu Brikin'ger Ironclad
    • Crossed Swords
    • Crossed Swords II
    • Digger Man
    • Football Frenzy
    • Ganryu
    • Ghostlop
    • Goal! Goal! Goal!
    • Gururin
    • Jockey Grand Prix
    • Jyanshin Densetsu: Quest of Jongmaster
    • Last Hope
    • Legend of Success Joe
    • Magical Drop II
    • Magical Drop III
    • Mahjong Kyo Retsuden
    • Minasanno Okagesamadesu! Daisugorokutaikai
    • Money Puzzle Exchanger
    • Neo Bomberman
    • Neo Drift Out: New Technology
    • Neo Mr. Do!
    • Neo Geo Cup '98
    • Nightmare in the Dark
    • Over Top
    • Panic Bomber
    • Pleasure Goal
    • Pochi and Nyaa
    • Pop'n Bounce
    • Power Spikes II
    • Puzzle Bobble
    • Puzzle Bobble 2
    • Puzzle de P…
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  • Magma Dragoon

    A user on the Neo-Geo forums has found the board for a prototype fighting game for the Neo-Geo which was never released. Game is in a beta state, though what's there looks quite nice.

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  • Magma Dragoon

    I want to make pages for some of these titles, so I made a list. I used MAME as a reference, so it may be missing some stuff. It's of course missing console-exclusive titles like Crystalis. For now I'm concentrating on the Shoot 'em Ups, since I'm also making pages for them on the Shoot 'em Up Wiki.

    • Ozma Wars
    • Safari Rally
    • Sasuke vs. Commander
    • Fantasy
    • Satan of Saturn / Zarzon
    • Vanguard
    • Lasso
    • Pioneer Balloon
    • Joyful Road / Munch Mobile
    • Marvin's Maze
    • Gladiator 1984
    • Jumping Cross
    • Mad Crasher / Mad Crusher
    • Main Event
    • Vanguard II
    • Alpha Mission / ASO: Armored Scrum Object
    • Canvas Croquis
    • HAL 21
    • T.N.K III / T.A.N.K
    • Athena
    • Ikari Warriors
    • Mejinsen
    • Victory Road / Dogosoken
    • Bermuda Triangle / World Wars
    • Guerrilla War / Guevara
    • Mahjong Block Jongbou
    • Psycho Soldier
    • Time Soldiers / B…
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  • Magma Dragoon

    I have a few artworks I extracted from some manuals (I have all characters from Fighters History Dynamite), would you guys want me to upload it here?

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