I hope it's not too late for a post like this, but here's my personal wishlist for this year!

  • Sequels! - Why SNK? Why do you make us suffer? WHY? Rumor has it that Capcom vs. SNK 3 is being developed, that's ok. But, while Capcom has Street Fighter IV and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Namco has Dark Resurrection, SNK failed with KOF XII, which isn't exactly a sequel, storyline-wise. It's an overhaul, alright, and KOF needed it, but we need a TRUE KOF game with the many aspects that put the series in the spotlight. It should take time, alright, I guess we all learned our lesson that we, fans and producers, must have patience. Sure, but what about the other games, SNK? Where's Garou 2? Will The Last Blade series be forgotten? A Neo Geo Battle Coliseum sequel with more "likable" characters sounds good, so why not? I can wait for the latter as well, since it's a relatively new game. But Garou was released in 1999, and I believe it was Falcoon who said that the sequel is/was around 60-80% complete. But then, they took too much time to get it done; video game technology improved and they now have to start from scratch. They say that it will feature new technologies... Well, I've been waiting for 11 years. Guess I could wait a little longer... (sigh)
  • New games - SNK's greatest rival, Capcom is, in my humble opinion, overrated. BUT, I gotta give the devils their dues, they are very smart. They know how to profit. They know how to attract new fans. Capcom releases games featuring their most recognizable intellectual properties for their hardcore fans (everything featuring Street Fighter characters) and completely new, fancy games to appeal to the rest (it was that way with Resident Evil, Viewtiful Joe, Phoenix Wright...). SNK fails to do that. SNK should develop games of their established series for their fans and completely new games, that would attract new fans for them. SNK has to break new ground to get attention again.
  • No more silly games - Ok, I won't be a fanatic that will defend everything SNK does. What is the hottest thing relating to SNK right now? Something called KOF Sky Stage... Having KOF characters flying around and destroying robots, Aero Fighters-style? That was the best SNK could come up with? Did they run out of ideas, or something? Are they really that desperate? I would accept a game like that as a flash feature on their website, but there's a big buzz regarding it, apparently. Please... SNK, make us proud of being your fans, again.
  • FIRE FALCOON! - I really dislike this guy... never really liked his artwork; never cared much about his designs; always believed that the Maximum Impact series seemed a lot like fan games, with original characters that don't mix with the established characters; and always thought that he puts too much of his "personal preferences" into his work. I don't think he adds much to SNK, and his work has always bothered a lot of people. Fly, Falcoon, Fly!

I actually won't be bothered if SNK doesn't fulfill any of those wishes, as long as 2010 ends as a good year for the company, and of course for us. In the end, if I had to choose only one wish to be fulfilled this year, that would be for SNK to finally get the attention it deserves. Happy 2010. Mr.Kraken 02:08, January 22, 2010 (UTC)

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