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Trivia Edit

SNK wiki never includes trivia pointing out character similarities unless it's on the level of the Ryo/Ryu/Dan parody and something the developers themselves admit too. Often times character similarity trivia is at best subjective and offers nothing new to the character. The level of trivia here aims to tell the reader something obscure they wouldn't of necessarily known and something interesting about the character but something that can't fit into the main body of the article. A good example of this trivia would be Nakoruru and Ukyo Tachibana's pages. Even the mugen note can be interesting if it's for an unpopular character from an unpopular game such as you pointed out with Trevor. Kyosei 05:00, April 11, 2011 (UTC)

I think the developers were admitting xiao lon was as similarity when they claimed she was based on a jiangshi, I mean the similarity is too obvious to not notice. It kinda bugs me some unofficial fan made thing can be submitted, while similarities I point out are from other "official" games and are removed. I think viewing some random mugen video as "interesting" is rather subjective of you as well, whether the game is unpopular or not is insignificant. But frankly I appreciate you finally explaining to me your problem with my edits and "fixing" certain areas, rather than reverting everything I added to this site making everything I do seem pointless. But seriously, can you at least provide some justification before reverting every single page I edit (with like 2 exceptions)? —Preceding unsigned comment added by BlazingKusanagi (talkcontribs)
I don't see how saying she was based on a Chinese ghost automatically makes it an admission to being a rip of another character. That seems to be putting words into the developers' mouth that didn't exist. We try to aim for objective fact. Not subjective observations. Although Mugens are subjectively interesting, they can be objectively confirmed to exist. Again, similar to the character similarity trivia the "named after this actor/famous person" trivia is avoided unless it is fairly obvious reference like the World Heroes characters. Chae Lim is a common Korean name and this instance seems coincidence as supposed to intentional. Kyosei 19:27, April 11, 2011 (UTC)
Even though they may not have admitted it, it is a fact that her moves and appearance resemble the character. Denying it is like saying Ash's moves aren't based on Guile. Besides even if they "exist", it isn't something officially made by SNK. I honestly don't have that much of a problem with fan made things being considered trivia, but it isn't any official thing, it really isn't Trevor as created by SNK, its just a fan edit made to resemble Trevor. I've seen a mugen hack of something that claims to be Dante, but it didn't fight with a sword or guns, and his demon form was just a recolored Jedah. If something as insignificant as something some fan happened to make can make it in, I just don't see the problem with the edits I'm making. I mean its like you're denying other official games by different companies do not exist. (While it may have been coincidence, Chae Lim seems to be a fairly uncommon name) Why don't you give me a list of things that are not allowed on this site, so I don't waste my time writing sentences that will be just reverted just hours later. —Preceding unsigned comment added by BlazingKusanagi (talkcontribs)
I'm basically saying don't make assumptions on the developers' behalf by saying something you can't possibly know to be true but implying it is intentional anyways. Don't be redundant with your edits, such as with an Appearance subsection being rendered useless with a screenshot. Don't add things that aren't true such as saying a certain character considered for the KOF series when it wasn't the case. Kyosei 20:29, April 11, 2011 (UTC)
I admit the appearance section was redundant, and the part about Seo being rumored as his weapon was a mistake and I confused the backstories of the two characters (though technically he was considered by snk for the Maximum Impact series along with Kim as Mr. Taekwondo before deciding on an original character) though I think it didn't justify reverting everything rather than those specific areas. I'm not trying to speak on the developer's behalf at all. While I personally consider her a ripoff, I never called her as such in the article. Who knows, she may be based on Mousse from Ranma 1/2. I was just pointing out the similarities in their design. Besides what I was asking you was what to avoid in general, not stuff I've already done that I know won't last a day on this site, seeing how editing rules seem to differ with each wikia I visit. —Preceding unsigned comment added by BlazingKusanagi (talkcontribs)
The things stated above are going to be what I'll revert. Trivia will most likely be reverted in particular if it does the following above since the goal is to make the trivia sections small with obscure facts and not over-bloated with common knowledge easy to find ones. Again character similarities being subjective is not something I'd want to encourage here no matter how similar one character may seem to another. Once you let one through, it gets harder to justify one over another. It's better not to deal with it at all than nitpick which are the more notable similarities. Kyosei 21:15, April 11, 2011 (UTC)
I guess I can understand what you are getting at, as one would lead to another. Still, I would hardly call such trivia "common knowledge", and what one considers common knowledge can be subjective as well.

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