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Vait Lord (ヴァイトロード) is a tactical RPG series released by SNK Playmore for select imode networks. The title is a pun of the Japanese word for "part-time" (アルバイト, arubaito). It was published with four different chapters, each continuing where the other left off.


"Vait": Mercenaries who defeats evil for the good others. The proper decorum for a Vait is to accept missions (jobs) with pride and courtesy. They never disrespect their clients and always act in a timely manner. And most importantly, they always get the job done. Mile, a prince to his poor kingdom, strives to become a Vait to earn much needed wealth for his country. He has a year before the devils (debt collectors) demand full compensation.


The player is assigned to a guild which charts the quota they need to meet before the year ends. Players have to accept quests from the townsfolk to boost their status as a Vait. Missions can range from minor to major, such as finding a lost pet or clearing a field of monsters from the town. Each mission comes marked with its reward amount as well as the initial amount the player has to pay start it. It is up to the player to decide which choices are the best for them. Extra characters can also be recruited into the guild for reserve back up.

The battle system plays like most titles of the genre but adds its unique combo system to play. Combination techniques are often started through a launching attack and ends with a special finale from the final attacker. This system would later be used for the Nintendo DS title, Kimino Yusha.


  • Mile Povady - protagonist; swordsman and prince of a fallen kingdom. He strives to be a "vait" to restore his kingdom to its former glory.
  • Sue Povady - older sister to Mile and a sorceress. Helps her brother to follow their father's last wish to them.
  • Chelsea - elfin knight from Mile's kingdom sent to watch over the siblings. Well-versed in sorcery, archery, and the political situation of their home country.

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